Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • It is 1720.33 on 07/02/2014 and I am literally dying for a cold Coke- an ice cold gallon size coooooold Coke. Omigosh that sounds good.
  • An article about the NSA reminded me of a controversy I've been curious about for a long time- polygraph. It is a modern day form of witchcraft in that it isn't real- it only works as far as people believe in it and that bothers me. It embarrasses me for us.
  • At a facility I worked in I tendered my resignation after being informed all the nurses would be required to take a polygraph. The short story is a demented patient was found to have drugs in her system for which she did not have an order. Again, the short story is the daughter to the patient had been slipping her the drug and when it wasn't giving the desired effect of bringing the patient back she felt guilty and demanded the urine test. The daughter showed her hand too much too early  though- freaking out over the patients behavior, demanding to know what was wrong with her and saying things like, This isn't her- she's on something! etc. We all knew what was going on and I said so in the letter that made its way up to the ivory tower.
  • I didn't take the stupid test and I kept my job- in fact nobody took the stupid test.
  • The stereo project is if not harder than I anticipated definitely more time consuming. An amazing thing: when part of it had me baffled I Emailed a tech at Crutchfield. He sent me back a picture of my sub with hand drawn blue and red lines detailing how the wiring for my specific application should look. I would have gotten it wrong swearing it was right and burned  up a 200 dollar piece of equipment.
  • Last night (today is 06/30/2014) I dreamed very vivid and real feeling dreams about Decatur being blown away by tornadoes. I awoke to the sound of the roof turbine screaming and thought it was FG bawling.
  • It only hit me as I read Voyage of the Beagle last night that Ecuador is Spanish for equator.
  • A thing among ropers when I was a high school lad was to wear a belt that was 8-10 inches too long so the end would be hanging down over their crotch.
    When they hung Blackjack Ketchum it decapitated him.  His last words were,  Goodbye. Please dig my grave very deep.  Aright; Hurry up. Hal Ketchum is said to be a direct descendant.


Katy Anders said...

Traditionally, at least polygraph test results weren't admissible in court. Which of course doesn't stop law enforcement from using them to eliminate someone as a suspect...

Fortunately, I've never had a job where the threat of a polygraph wouldn't have just made me wander towards the door.

Because yeah, I'm always hiding something, although it's probably not that the questioner thinks...

el chupacabra said...


A funny thing about the issue of admissability and the test in general: As I read the rules they aren't admissable unless they somehow are and employers can't do them unless there is good cause or you know- unless they just want to do them...

The Donald said...

I once had to take a polygraph when I worked for Gibson's - a hundred years ago.

Later took one as a pre-employment pre-req, though for the life of me, I can't remember the company or bank. My recollection is that the guy administering it was considered the foremost "expert" in the entire Metroplex, and that the office was in downtown FTW.