Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's Dispatch

The wily and elusive homeless peeps in their natural habitat.
  • There was a commercial on this morning ( 08/23/2014 ) that to sell the product the slogan," It is so good " was presented as being trademarked.
  •  They are officially out of ideas now.
    FG feeds a pig in a blanket to a turtle at the turtle pond

    We taught this couple the mysteries of turtle feeding.
  • There is another video out now of  police shooting a black male. The person was advancing on the officer holding a knife in an overhand position and ignoring commands to stop. When he was as reported approx 10-12 steps away, the officer fired. A witness described the guy as, No apparent threat.
  • We will not only believe what we want to believe- we will see what we want to see. 
  • We ate at the OG (Olive Garden) last night. It wasn't straight up nasty but nothing was fresh. It was all obviously set up to be ready for the rush. Another table complained to the manager- the first time I've ever seen that in the OG.
    Depending on where you're standing in the Botanic Gardens this either looks like 2 Vs or a W.
  •  We get cause and effect wrong- a lot. There may not be a better example than drug abuse and correlated  legal problems and mental illness. An uninformed person will say drug abuse led to the mental problems which led to the legal problems. That view is almost always incorrect. The person will have an undiagnosed mental illness and turns to illegal drugs to alleviate symptoms.
  • A neighbors car got towed recently. The tags and inspection were out for a long time then it had a flat. They took the flat tire off and there was a new battery and cables laying beside the car for days. Having the tire off and being up on a jack brought attention to it and it got tagged for towing. I felt bad for them and tried to catch them working on it to see if I could help. If not the worst feeling ever- it must be a bad one to have your car towed. 
    We want people to know.

    The coolest company symbol ever. Symbol? That isn't right- what is this?

    When the blood is flowing and bones are showing you can do a lot with 2 ABD pads, 2 bandannas, a roll of 4 inch tape and an aluminum splint

    Her son was lost at a park. I cannot imagine- what an awful feeling that must be.

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Katy Anders said...

I believe you're right about the drug abuse/mental illness thing. I work at a nonprofit, and I talk top a lot of people who have very limited capacity to talk and understand.

I used to believe they were on something or suffering the effects of long-term use.

But often, it becomes clear they are not. They are either mentally ill or of very limited capacity.

It seems like most people believe that other people understand roughly the same amount they do. But some people are honestly very limited.

They have mental issues, they self-medicate, and then the legal issues spiral.