Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions With A Pictorial Tour Of Weatherford America

I had never seen a grill guard on a  tractor before- wonder why it is't more common?
  • When what we call the media didn't like Paula Deen they put up unshopped pics of her looking gray, tense and haggard. They must love her again, as when she was announcing a new network they had her tanned up, wrinkle free, many pounds lighter and her teeth would glow in the dark from sheer whiteness.
  • A headline just taught me a JetBlue pilot was caught in a drug sweep and charged with heroin possession. His companion was charged with prostitution. If true- he just butt raped his life.
  • I just saw a headline: " Kerry says Putin has no soul ".  As soon as your speech demonstrates you engage in that type of fantastical thinking you've lost the battle. You are imagining you know the other person's heart and since you don't; all of your assumptions and most of your decisions will probably be wrong.
    We have a bank housed in a double wide trailer. That pleases me for some reason.
  • It is undoubtedly not his fault but when I log onto Barry's blog the cookies that get downloaded to my computer can bog it down so much the machine won't run and I'll sometimes have to force a shut down and then bring it back up and clear the history/cookies.
  • This morning (07/22/2014) I saw a patient in my office who is 71 and has been homeless for 3 months. He slept in his car for 2 of them and shelters for 1.
  •  David Bowie released a crap-fest of an album back in the 80s or 90s that had that awful song Lets Dance. The legend is he released that whole terrible album knowing it was terrible- as that was the intention all along as he had been trying to get out of his contract to make another record for that label. I get it. It makes sense.
    Legendary burgers that are good- not great. Oddly the last time I went they only offered American cheese. How odd, how very odd.
  • If a bum starts working me with a stupid story about needing money to go to a new job or take his wife to the hospital as she is pregnant I will always shut him down and I am very unlikely to give him anything. If he just says, Hey, I'm broke. Can I get something from you? I am very likely to give him a little something- the honesty is refreshing and disarming.
    The best dentist and hygienist and most efficiently run dental office my family ever used was a Monarch Clinic and we only went the first time because they accepted our insurance, had an opening and it was a semi emergent situation. We stayed loyal until that location (in Fort Worth ) closed.
  • Recently I met someone who bottle feeds baby deer for a living.
  • Recently I saw an old ex. She has lunch lady arms.
  • Today I listened to The Cure esentially all day at work and I am a better man for it.
    A name not as cute as the founder thinks but OK sandwiches. It annoys me and others because you have to mark the type of sandwich and how you want it on the outside of the bag and hand it in to complete your order. I think they think we will think it is fun. It isn't completely perturbing but yeah- a little annoying.


Katy Anders said...

Bowie's Eighties output so warped my view of him that it has taken me most of my life to start going back and listening to his earlier, good output.

Unfortunately, it happens - later output by artists is so bad that it even ruins the earlier stuff.

I might put the Cure there, too, but honestly, I've never listened to anything they did after "Disintegration." "Pornography" is fantastic... (pun optional)

el chupacabra said...

Lulz, "pronography is fantastic."


The Donald said...

Wow - lots o material today.

Are you sure the FirstFinBank isn't a temp while they build a permanent facility? It's not the standard design of what they're building for the past 10-12 years (e.g. Granbury, Glen Rose, Keller (new), Southlake, etc.)

I walked about a 1/4 mile from my office the other day, $1 off Arby's coupon in hand, to get a combo lunch. On my return, homeless guy stops me, asks for $10 for gas money - I gave him $2 and wished him well (after he warned me about the 'snakes in the trees'). Still I felt better about giving him $2 than the laundromat attendant who last night was going around soliciting money gifts because it was her birthday. Yeah, I gave, but I thought it was odd. Recently saw a guy at an intersection under a bridge "Need money for beer". I gave him a smile instead. Nice try.

For as much as I like Kincaids - and I have eaten at that one a couple of times - I don't know why they can't do a 'Shroom/Swiss or Guac burger.