Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday's Missives

Snack time.
  • We store blood overnight in a refrigeator for lab pick up in the morning. After 2 incidences of tubes being dropped and left in a waiting room and/or a lab requisition falling out and doing the same I began bagging them together in a larger bag. It made sense- it covered some sloppy nurse sins if we didn't seal the smaller sample bags, protected patient's privacy, made the lab ladie's lives easier and kept AIDS infected blood from being tossed around by children in the waiting room. The funny thing about my using some intiative to do that. One is of course they expect it now and two and even more odd is, it blew their minds at first. It is obviously the same type of labs destined for the same laboratory that is stored in the same place it has been for years but they brought it to me holding it away, Uh... is this ours? Then another came and said, What. Am. I. I Supposed. To Do. With. This?
  • Don't get me started.
  • Lab lady- how arcane but that is what they're called.

  • When you go to Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth as we all will someday have the Sugar Burger (I call it Sugar Booger) it is made with grilled peaches and candied bacon and will change your life.
  • Tell 'em I sent ya.
  • Somebody keeps sending me videos from their Youtube page as new ones are added. Did I sign up for that?

  • Recently somebody sent me an invitation to Twitter. I passed. I don't know why I would want it or what I would do with it. It just seems like another way to cause trouble, embarrass yourself, waste time and be tracked. Later I received another invitation that said they were still waiting and as a kicker it said," Did you know ______ _______ is also on Twitter?" Said person is not a friend in common in any way with the invitee but is my best friend (in real life) and we have never discussed him at all and especially not by name. Somewhere there is a computer program that has discovered a link between him and me (Emails I presume) and related it back to me through her. If that doesn't scare you- well, that scares me.
  • "I think I'm growing delirious with hunger yo." The last Email I received.
  • Bob Dylan and Harry Dean Stanton performing Hava Nigila   vהבה נגילה

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Katy Anders said...

You probably subscribed to someone's channel on youtube.

I am on twitter. I don't DO one-liners and I can't even tell you my name in 140 characters or less, so it's not the best venue for me.

But it's a good way to read news headlines from a lot of different sites when I am at work.