Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday's Dispatch

  • Part of my schtick is to act like I hate FGs dumb cat. One day he and I were playing. When he would turn away I would woosh my open hand over his head so he would react and try to figure out what was going on after he felt the breeze. As FG walked back into the room I wooshed my hand toward him and of course he stood up causing my hand to impact his head looking for all the world like I intentionally and without provocation slapped the taste out of his mouth. Yeah, I had a tough time explaining that one.
  • My son is an ROV pilot for offshore oil rigs. That may not be the coolest job there is but it would come dangerously close to it if you asked me and I would trade places in oh... about a heartbeat.
  • 254- the number of posts  I have scheduled.

    What the?!
    Is that!?
    Oh man...

    One of the workers was making the world safer as we walked out.
  • Hey angel, consider your position. Framed to be consumed. Savory, savoring your sympathy- Jawbox from 1994.
  • I had veal parmigiana at Mama Mia's on Magnolia in Funkytown yesterday (08/09/2014) it was terrible- literally foul. 


Katy Anders said...

When my long-term ex - who left 2 years ago today, incidentally - was asked about why she left, the only thing she could identify as the cause was the fact that I used to insult her cat.

You know; "You are a terrible, stupid cat and you have no friends and no one is ever going to love you!" Except in that sort of "Who's a good boy?" sort of voice.

Women just don't seem to find jokes involving their cats to be very funny.

Most women, I mean. I find jokes involving my cat to be hysterical.

The Donald said...

No man with a valid man card may own a cat of his own accord - he is permitted to do so if it is in the pursuit of, uh, another goal, however.