Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

  • Within 30 minutes minutes recently I met a patient and then an interpreter who were from Babylon Iraq and was introduced to Thievery Corporation's Richest Man in Babylon album.
  • What does all that mean you ask? Nothing, I just took note of it.
    The sticker lies- Willie ain't fragile. He has been at it 80 years and is still goin' strong.
  • Bailor All Saints customer service is tough to beat- man they are good.
  • People with addiction issues will always comment on how my office smells and will start breaking down what they see to try and figure me out. One went so far as to take note of the toothbrush he saw in my desk drawer and make the assumption I dipped snuff. Very perceptive- I don't dip and have not in years but that is where I developed the habit of caring for my oral health as I do.
  • I think the reason they engage in those behaviors is of course they've been in dangerous situations where they have to be able to figure people out to survive but more importantly- it is just they way they're wired.

  • The movie My Girl just faded to black- what a good movie- just a good movie.
  • No, I didn't cry at the end. My allergies have been bothering me.
  • When I'm rich I'll have go-karts made of bumper cars. The pole that would normally connect to the power grid above will just shoot sparks. Mine will be orange and yours will be blue.

    Get it?! It is a tattoo of feet on her foot!

  • When Chernobyl blew I was in Germany. One of the NBC specialists was out taking readings with some type of radiacmeter. He was standing to the right of the street coming into McPheeter's Barracks in Bad Hersfeld. I stopped and talked to him I asked if it was dangerous and asked him to check me. He passed the meter over me and said, Nah, you're good. Its about like getting a chest X-Ray.
  • I sensed he was told to say that. Not that there was a great risk but they didn't know and had something ready to tell us to placate us and something about that galls me still.
    Everybody wants to rescue something.

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