Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

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  • The Mexican guys working on the drain above the pool have figured out I understand their cursing and ragging on each other and have toned it down a bit and are also grinning at me sheepishly as they whisper to each other to cool it.
  • Raisin' Canes chicken is on the way to be eaten poolside. Aside from a nursing buddy's leftovers- I have never eaten their chicken.
  • Verdict: it is OK. I do not get what the fuss is all about.
  • In line at the vehicle registration office this morning (today is 06/10/2016) I chatted with a retired Air Force officer who flew B52s during the Vietnam war. Interestingly, his gunner lives in Springtown. He was on leave when Linebacker started and then when he returned and was going to have to fly a mission for it- his aircraft got pulled for maintenance issues.
  • While getting my vehicle inspected this morning I perused Parker county Today magazine which had a, "People of Parker County to Meet Before You Die" article. Surprisingly, I only knew 2 of the featured people (and they are family to each other-which is why I knew them both).
  • Birdwell's is always busy- good for them.
  • I want something good to eat but don't know what I need to satisfy the craving- BBQ might work but seafood or Mexican also sound good but either one would have to be real good to cure the craving.
  • First world problems...
  • Recently I helped a neighbor lady with some chores. A snoopy other neighbor snitched on me to my GF within hours.
  • We have a Harbor Freight tool store in Weatherford now. Yaaaaay!
  • The other day I saw an ex girlfriend doing a menial job. The last I knew she did a medical field job which required training and paid pretty well. Even if it is only part time I had to wonder why she was doing that other job and hope she is OK.
  • I know of at least 4 pool halls that were in Decatur back in the day.


The Donald said...

My current job does not have me traveling through W'ford anymore - where is the new HF?

Beware the coming alpaca-lips!

el chupacabra said...

Across the interstate from Home Depot.

Alpaca-lips... Good grief. Kevin walks away shaking his head...