Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • Yesterday, GF picked my children up from daycare. It is OK- but there is a sentence I never thought I would have to say (well except for another time I think I mentioned it here- but you know what I mean).
  • Life happens is what I am sayin'.
  • A recent visitor to the clinic took it a bit personal when I questioned who he was and why he was there and then denied him access to the Inner Sanctum. He should grow some thicker skin, as that was a very good example of something in life to not take personally and be butt-hurt by.
  • A couple of days ago I accidentally bought organic oranges at Albertson's. The middles are all rotten.
  • A guy in traffic this morning (06/15/2016) was driving a turdbomb of a Toyota that had ARCHIBALD in bold stick-on letters on the side. I presume it is the name of the car.
  • Although I don't really see color or fat verses skinny or discrimate based on religion etc. but when it comes to women if you force me to make distinctions I like: black skinned South Asians (i.e. Bengalis), medium toned other Asians, tanned whites and really white skinned hispanics.
  • Don't ask me why- I didn't make me- I just report the facts here.
  • For a bonus: a slightly chubby, really cute Asian would also attract me out of bounds to what the same lady would if she were skinnier (although I am not a chubby chaser).
  • Some time ago ex wife mentioned something about a hard or bad day and/or some frustration etc. she was enduring and then she vented a bit. Coincidentally on the same day, GF was sick so I took her some medicine and babied her a bit. The next morning intending to check up on GF I accidentally emailed ex wife and said, "Hey girl, are you better?" To which ex wife responded, "Yes! Thanks for asking. It was just a really bad day! Thanks for listening to me vent."
  • Life happens is what I'm sayin'.

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