Monday, August 15, 2016

Notes From Teh Road

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  • We have taken a road trip and are in Ardmore at Motel 6. It was recently remodelled but already looks beaten. It gets rode hard and put up wet I am sure. We got here before 6 PM and were lucky to get a smoking room. They gave me a discount on it though. I am rarely asked if I want smoking verses non- it is most often presumed I will be cancer and gingivitis free.
  • We saw a lot of cows in stock tanks just soaking in the water and not moving a muscle. That sight and the sound of cicadas always mean hot to me.
  • We saw the aftermath of a horrible wreck driving through Decatur. Rex Hoskins was on the scene and it made me think everything was under control.
  • Nope- no sarcasm there.
  • Jorges in Paradise is always good. Zac ate enchiladas from the grown up menu.
  • We are eating caramel Bugels, drinking Gatorade and watching animal docs on Discovery Channel.
  • Life is good.
  • My neighbor back in Texas has been out of pocket for days. When I knocked on her door her dog did not bark and her plants are dying so I presume she is not there (or not there and dead, unless her canine companion died at the same time).
  • The Motel 6  pool is full of people. We followed the old motto of, Just say no to hepatitis and came back inside. Zac can swim tomorrow- in a lake where all he has to contend with are flesh eating bacteria, poisonous snakes and that one odd, out of place alligator you always read about.
  • Hepatitis up there came out as hepatits first.
  • Ha!
  • It doesn't matter the time of day; it is usually bumper to bumper on 35 heading north during weekends these days.
  • Zac is listening to his own type of music on over ear headphones on the bed across from me. He grew up. How did that happen?!
  • It is 07/23/2016 at 1855 hours.
  • We had breakfast 07/24/2016 at Prairie Kitchen in Ardmore as is typically our wont. They could make their coffee a little stronger but otherwise- the food and service are always in equal measure very good. There are almost always people we have seen there on previous visits. It has been open since 1984.
  • There was a gentleman there with a big scar and deficit to his left cheek. He would use his left hand to osetensibly absentmindedly twirl his mustache on that side but he was just trying to conceal the scar. This was so true when had to turn away from one person he was speaking to look at another exposing the side with the scar even more- he would just open his left hand and place it over his cheek covering the whole left side of his face.
  • Chickasaw Recreation area was our next stop. The spring fed swimming holes were so cold we could not hardly stand it. As a matter of fact, with ground temps away from the water at 96 degrees and rising, when we got under the shade and near a falls area where the water was contacting a lot of air; it must have dropped the temp. 15 degrees. It was positively refreshing.
  • We saw no crayfish and aside from a couple of minnows we saw no vertebrate life forms in the water.
  • I saw a guy covered in Mexican prison tattoos.
  • It would have interesting to have been a fly on the wall and see how Native Americans used the land that comprises Chickasaw Recreation Area and interacted with each other back in the day.
  • There were a lot of mixed race people there.
  • The thought occurred to me of bringing a sample back from the spring source and one from further downstream and having the lab at our county health department test them.
  • Zac wants to go back with his diving mask to be able to determine how deep the water is at the swimming hole we mainly used.
  • Good idea.
  • For some reason this song and video kept coming into my mind when I was lost in my thoughts.
  • Goodnight world wherever you are. 
  • I love you in spite of yourself.

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