Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • I have no idea- literally none who RG3 is and only this morning (08/16/2016) while listening to THE TICKET became pretty sure he is a quarterback.
  • Snoop Dogg's, Nuthin But a G Thang is playing in a loop in my brain.
  • People will still be watching the Pirates of the Caribean movies 50-100 years from now.
  • "So just chill 'til da next episode..."
  • I told you that song was stuck in my head.
  • Hezbollah has weaponized drones.
  • Something that sounds urban legendesque but an old friend will swear is true: After their vehicle was disabled during an ambush in a mostly open area in Iraq- he took cover under the vehicle to return fire as everybody else had the corners of the truck away from  the enemy fire taken. When he and the other 2 guys under the truck started shooting it rang his bell severely- as one might expect. He could not take it- he said, Every time a weapon discharged it was like getting hit in the head with a hammer. So I said F_ _ _ _ this and took off running and shooting and made my way to a small berm 30 to 40 meters away and started engaging the enemy who were behind a larger berm about 100- to 150 meters away. Consequently, he was a awarded a Bronze Star with a V Device (valorous achievement). My friends platoon leader (who was in the truck behind my friends)  came to him and told him what he was getting and why. My buddy tried to explain what happened to the lieutenant but the lieutenant did not want to hear it- as in he literally said, I don't want to hear it specialist.  My friend went on to explain, After everything settled down and we had a cantonment area for the battalion set up, they had an awards ceremony for me to get my Bronze Star and other guys to get -Purple Hearts! I. Felt .Like. A. Total. Jackass
  • Still probably my favorite album. Can you dig it?


Anonymous said...

I am impressed you don't know who RG3 is, but it could mean you work too hard.

el chupacabra said...


RPM said...

How could you avoid hearing RG3 living here? Baylor... Subway sandwich commercials... he was nearly impossible to be shielded from.

el chupacabra said...

I get it but no- no idea who he is and his pervasiveness is why ignorance of him stands out. You cannot listen to the Ticket or overhear a conversation after game days without hearing his name.
I could not even tell u his race.

el chupacabra said...

PS: sort of a correction- I say after game days but cannot be sure I mean that as I presume that is when I have heard people at work as I pass by say, "You know RG3..."