Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday's Digressions

  • At work yesterday I had two nursing buddies rolling on the floor in laughter- at a fart joke. 
    What 14 buck got me at Bakers Ribs the last time I went. The emphasis is on last time in case you were wondering. Phweeew it was bad. I ate there in the past at least 4 times a month and did so for years.
  • People often think of hospitals and health care facilities in general as being super clean- sterile even. You should know the opposite is true- bacteria and virus are by nature highly concentrated there. Hospitals are where you go to get sick- if not already.
  • Yesterday I had a black and Bleu burger with bacon at Shaws on Magnolia. Have them put the Bleu cheese on the side when you try it though.
  • John Oliver on dialysis in the US.
  • Paul's on Hemphill has changed their fries to a smaller, crispier McDonald'sesque type and they are fantastic. Previously their fries were not terrible but they could be a little doughie in the middle.
  • Slow clap starting for you now Paul. Bravo my friend bravo...
    Sir, are you aware you are a deer?
     Bwhaaat...?! Me?!
     This may be a picture of a deer but it and my little joke are a better picture of our hive mind created or at least affirmed by the Internet. I have never seen it but there is a 100% chance somebody has created a meme based on that picture using a similar caption. If they wanted to be snotty they could sue me I guess but there is a zero percent chance I have ever seen the meme.


The Donald said...

If Baker's had more of a market footprint, that could set up some excellent advertising copy: "Come check out our big Dickey's meat portions - and get a free big yellow cup!"

The interviewee kinda has that deer-in-the-klieglights look, no?

el chupacabra said...

Lulz on the klieglights.
Bakers was never great but wow it is BAD now.
But on the plus side the portions are small and it is expensive...?