Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday's Missives

  • What if I told you that when you see a sign that says, "2 left lanes of I30 eastbound closed due to incident" you should begin immediately manuvering to the far right lane and if I further told you that you should leave a couple of car lengths between you and the car in front of you and if you did these things we would all get where we are going much more quickly and safely- would that blow your mind?!
  • The third season of Game Of Thrones is epic and everybody tells me it only gets better.
  • Update: I have now started season 4- awesome.
  • Between my copays and the actual monthly cost of my health insurance I cannot afford to see a doctor- that is amazingly psychotic.
  • OK to be more correct- I can afford to see the doctor but if he orders a study or test I cannot afford that (and we can safely presume that is intentional).
  • This morning (today is 03/01/2017) I heard a person on NPR mispronounce preventive as preventatatative. He also began his response to a question by saying, Duhh... He sounded sleepy or high.
  • President Trumps is surrounding himself with hawks and intends to increase military spending. This should end well...
  • Last night I ate an entire bag of beef jerky.
  • At work recently after pestering me to get a phone a co worker finished her argument with, Besides we are all you've got. We have to be able to to keep in touch with you!
  • I am not sure whether that was super reassuring or massively pathetic.
  • There are refugee people whom as a group it is often difficult to tell how old they are. A woman could be 19 and look 40 or be 85 and look 30.

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