Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday's Digressions

  • A supervisor occasionally uses my office after I leave for the day when she does the evening clinic. There is a practical purpose as it is closer to the front of the building but sometimes I think she does it (on Friday's anyway) to remind me she stays when the rest of us leave. Monday is the only day my computer ever shows she is still logged onto my machine and I have to switch users.
  • Everything is a mind game.
  • As a bonus- the aforementioned person sends us inane work related emails at 11:00 O'clock at night.
  • My vision is ridiculously blurry as I write this on 01/30/2017 at 0713.24.
  • My brother in law is hilarious.
  • I have started season 3 of Game Of Thrones and season 1 of Soap. Season 3 of GOT is ridiculously good and Soap is off to a slow start.
  • An old friend of mine thought Katherine Helmond who played Jessica on Soap was hot- as in when she would enter the scene for the first time he would have to say, Ohmygawd- she is sooo hot!
  • Although I do not know who I thought did it- I was surprised when recently I heard it said on the radio that Blue Oyster Cult was the band that performed Godzilla.
  • "I am offensive and I find this Japanese"- a comment for that video that made me chuckle a little.
  • The job I am presently working is the first ever that I hate but cannot leave. I keep a picture of Zac up on my monitor to remind me why I cannot leave.
  • Once a year or so I have a dream where I am walking down the street in what looks like New York City. My face and the faces of the people I pass are blurry. Everything looks 1970s. The stares of people as I go by make me feel self conscious. As I enter a building there is a mirror which allows me to see everything but my face. My body is squat and I have hairy arms. as I walk into my office I say to my secretary, It is happening again- everybody thinks I am Ed Asner. A drink is poured for me and I shuffle some papers around as I sip it absentmindedly. Suddenly, I jump up cursing and say, I am not Ed Asner! then I jump out the window. I scream and cry and flail and  try to fly back to the window as I fall. It is incredibly realistic. My heart will be beating out of my chest and I will be in a cold sweat when I awaken.
  • In case you are wondering- no, I am not Ed Asner.


TommyBoy said...

I know you are not Ed Asner. I am Ed Asner.

The Donald said...

Apparently MeTV also follows your blog. (They probably linked to it from mine...)

Just tonight, Carnac (originally aired March 3, 1982) featured this bit:
"Kermit the Frog, Donald Duck, and Minnie Pearl"
[opens envelope]
"Name three entertainers who know more about foreign policy than Ed Asner."

TommyBoy said...

I'm not really Ed Asner. I'm John Agar.