Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday's Missives

Kim Davis memes

  • Speaking of eating garbage: The kids are playing at McDonald's and I'm working on a coffee. 
  • Overheard at the next table- She going to represent herself or have a court appointed attorney?
  • There is a Mexican girl dressed for church  Mass sitting near me with an absolutely epic unibrow.
  • Kayaking is a big deal these days. At Acadamy last night 2 were sold while I browsed and a third was already on hold. Give it a few months and you make a good deal on a barely never used kayak.
  • Yesterday (today is 04/07/2016) I passed a guy  driving a mini van who was wearing an oven mitt on his right hand.
  • I finished Ex Machina last night. Verdict: Very good- in  a way not a lot of very good movies are made these days.
  • I just ate 2 sausage rolls and 3 chocolate eclairs. For some reason I feel sick.
  • Yesterday both my morning and my evening drive time shows were talking about Merle Haggard and this morning we learned that he died. They killed him.
  • When I was stationed in Germany my family sent me a best hits Merle album. Only years later did I see the personalized notes my family wrote on the inner paper sleeve. That was 31 years ago- I still have the album.


The Donald said...

Well, it's a cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold
Post, post-modern world
No authenticity, no sign of soul
The radio won't play George and Merle.

They're not here, they're not coming
Not in a million years.

The Donald said...

If I'm curating my favorite Hag songs, these would be the top 5:

If We Make It Through December
Mama Tried
The Fightin' Side of Me
Misery and Gin
Are the Good Times Really Over

Plus Pancho and Lefty with Willie

And, honorable mention for Silver Wings, and That's the Way Love Goes

Glad that Henley got to record The Cost of Living with the legend before he left us.

el chupacabra said...

Man, you lost me with the Pancho and Lefty stuff. Even when it was new it made groan and feel tired.

The Donald said...

Oh, well. Diff'rent strokes...I have come to realize and accept that not everyone shares my excellent musical taste and sensibility - and that's OK.