Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I Could Get In A Lot of Trouble With This Rig

"1947 Chevrolet COE Cabover Pickup: A real Jeepers Creepers “Special”!! 350 V-8 engine, Turbo 350 Automatic Transmission, 4X4 rearend with Hummer H1 Wheels (Run Flat Tires!). This Cabover will cruise at 70 mph down the highway, runs and drives great, and always starts the first time! It also has a super cool flame thrower setup, that uses propane gas, and will throw 12 foot flames out the back!! Great for the next car show, or simply lighting your kids fireworks! It has a clear 1947 title. "

1 comment:

The Donald said...

That would be a totally cool truck to have. I am skeptical, however, of the claim that it will comfortably cruise at 70 mph.