Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday's Dispatch

In case you are wondering why there are bits of paper towel behind that switch plate they get stuck there when people use the towel they dried their hands with to swat the switch as they walk out.

  • The grounds and buildings of the first college I attended look nothing like they did when I attended 30 years ago. Yes, I know things change- especially over 30 years of time but I am not sure I would recognize it at all were I transported there.
  • Holy smokes- it now costs over 20,000 dollars a year to go to school there.
  • That is psychotic.
  • My agreed oddly favorite song by Chris Cornell
  • It was chilly yesterday morning.
  • It is 0159 on 04/24/2017.
  • I just looked up an old college friend who has a condition that can lead to a drastically shortened lifespan. She is still alive evidently. 
  • Good. That is a relief- it truly is a relief.
    Ok, thanks I will try.
  • Zac crashed in the tub tonight (05/06/2017). When I went in to check on him the only thing out of the water was one eye, his nose and mouth.
  • Mildly terrifying.
  • My dad was known as being a bad man- he was no one to be messed with. Something most people would not have known about him though - he liked to crochet and do needlepoint. For real- I know he did the rote Home Sweet Home needlepoint that has been a mainstay for 200 years but he also did a black and white cat crochet project. It had a red collar or bow and bell around its neck.
  • Wednesday (today is 05/08/2017) my order of Ethiopian coffee should arrive. It is time to see what the fuss is all about.
  • Two different times now I have completely deleted a string of bullet point posts trying to add a caption to a photo here.
  • A few months ago we had to reschedule some patients as our doc. was out sick. A few people (especially some foreign born) were shocked and literally said something like, But he can't be sick- he is a doctor!

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