Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

"Kevin!" Somebody who didn't like me was being nice (and that is nice). 
  • Today (01/09/2015) as I drove through a drive-through of a Whataburger (pronounced Water- burger in the parlance of my homeland)  the girl in the window tried to flirt with me a bit. She took note of my state of dress (short sleeves in 30 degree weather) and said, Where is your jacket or sweater? Aren't you cold? I replied, Nah, I'm good. I'm hot blooded. She handed me my change and then said, Oh, you're not much of a morning person? (although it was fairly late in the afternoon). She realized what she had said and went red all over and tried to backtrack. I said, Its all good- here this is for you and gave her a tip. She was gorgeous- literally beautiful. I don't know her story but could make some guesses. She was covered in tattoos. She seemed smart, funny and personable but not as any of them those as she had probably been in the past. Something derailed her. She didn't belong there but maybe kind of did... 
    Everybody in the house got sick this past winter. It was a challenge- but I pulled everybody through somehow. Half the time we were in Benadryl induced comas the other half  we were wandering aimlessly at 2 in the morning tweeked out on pseudephedrine.

    So a foreign born patient asks, Do you like fresh coconut? You answer- Of course! She reaches into her purse with her dirty hand and pulls this out and hands it to you. What do you do? You make a big deal of thanking her for thinking of you, let her see you place it on a paper towel on your desk and tell her you'll eat it on break of course.

  • Yesterday (01/13/2015) I initial dosed a patient on some medications. Approximately 30 minutes later she said, Kevin I don't feel right. My face is burning. I feel weird. and then a minute later she said, Hey,  I'm starting to itch. Me being the smartest guy in the room and learning in nursing school that it isn't normal nor advantageous to have a burning face, feel weird nor itch, I quickly whipped up a referral to the emergency department and sent her to the hospital.
  • Although that particular case was cut and dried- a lot of what I do consists of knowing when to make my problems other people's problems.
  • It is 02/25/2015 and snowing like mad. The big thing now is talk of the 50 Shades of Gray movie. I won't watch it as it looks incredibly boring and dumb- even worse than the horrifically bad book. Soon though, all the news stories will be about people damaging themselves and presenting to emergency departments acting out the dumb things they saw in that dumb movie. Also, watch for the reports centered around kids and their antics after they watch it.
  • Think of the kids!

At Fort Richardson. Which of the 3 do you like?

If the air temp is cool enough to at least not be considered hot and your sodas are too warm, place them in a grocery sack of water in the shade. It will probably have a little leak or two (although you don't want it to leak like a sieve) if it doesn't- poke a couple of pin holes in it. Fill it a time or two and over a period of 30 minutes or an hour and your Dublin Dr. Peppers will be if not frosty- much more refreshing as the water running off and evaporating pulls some of the heat away. Someday you should ask me about how in my old National Guard unit we would expend a fire extinguisher over our beverages in the field to cool them.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sing it out
Boy you've got to see what tomorrow brings
Sing it out
Girl you've got to be what tomorrow needs

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday's Digressions

If you have  a back ache or other muscle pains splooge some muscle rub into some alcohol and drop in 3 aspirins. Shake well then pour into a hot bath- feel better.
  • Recently (today is 01/11/2015) I have seen multiple screen grabs and clips from different videos of Edward Snowden. I may just be me but he looks ten years older. What a complicated, divisive story his is. Everybody is either Team Edward or they want to see him fry. He won't be forgotten. Also, there will come a time when people want to see him come back home.
  • I always misthink his first name as Eric- every time I hear or see the word, Snowden.
  • Misthink isn't a word? Huh, well- it is now.
    Letter to Zac from his friend Victoria and Dallas
  • Sucker- what I am for any contest, sweepstakes or otherwise giveaways of any type and it isn't clear to me why this is true. My dad may have been the same way though as I have a vague [possibly incorrect] recall of him entering drawings etc. and I know he would give me approval when I would enter them.
    After the last North Texas earthquake- when will our long national nightmare end?
  • The neighbor guy kept the 2 cats when his girlfriend left. Excuse me sir, I need to see your Man-Card please...
  • President Obama wants free two year college for all. With no malice in my heart [and feeling like he is right if we weren't broke] this is Liberalism at it's worst, most extreme, it's logical conclusion and most idealistic. We are broke and spending money as fast as we can print it. No good  entry level jobs are being created to speak of and spending more money is going to fix our problems?!
  • One way to know this won't fix our problems- people with good bachelors degrees now can't find a job.
    Everything needs rescue and everybody wants to be a rescuer these days.
  • Just about every day my back gets a long, hot soaking in the tub. When my children are here they get the run of the television during my escapism. Due to their thinking they're smarter than me I can tell when they're watching something they know I would disapprove of as they will turn the volume down so low I won't be so sure they haven't turned the television completely off. 
  • VOX Explains

Telephonic Missives

  • When I knew I could really never go home? When my sister who lives in our childhood home turned the phone number off that had been in service for basically 40 years. It struck her the same way- it was hard to turn loose.
  • When I was little you could dial the last four digits only and get through, then they added the last number of the prefix, then the whole prefix, then the prefix and area code.
  • The last 4 of my best friends number was 3210.
  • At another best friends house he had a party line and we used to snoop on one of the hottest girls in our schools conversations with other hot girls.
  • She and I used to talk quite a bit especially when I would ride the bus out to his house. I found out a long time later she had a crush on me- She was crazy about you. someone told me years later.
  • Unbelievable. I mean wow- I had no idea.
  • My first cell phone was as big as a lunchbox and I paid over 400.00 dollars for it- on sale with a long contract. I believe the battery must have weighed a pound or more- literally and would last maybe 30 minutes with any kind of usage and would go dead in just a few days regardless. I got the best job I've ever had in my life because of the contact ability it gave me though.
  • The only two times I've really needed a cell phone- actual emergencies I didn't have one with me although, had been living with the cost and aggravation they can cause for years.
  • My baby son has a play cell phone that he won't go anywhere without. When out walking somewhere he'll say, Wait! and stop and take a picture of something.
  • Always thought 867 5309 would be a cool number to have.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday's Missives

    The ubiquitous purple Texas sunset through the net fence pic trick.
  • I did not know until this (02/05/2015) morning that when Aubrey Hawkins was called out to where the escaped convicts from Texas Department Of Corrections would eventually kill him he was having dinner with his son at the time. I was reminded of Hawkin's murder as Texas killed one of the guys responsible yesterday evening. Here are his last words, " I would. That each new indignity defeats only the body. Pampering the spirit with obscure merit. I love you all. That's it."
  • That is sure to make the list of  stupidest famous last words.
  • Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
    Before the choir came out for Handel's Messiah at the WC 2014
    I may have shown you this before but can you get too much Richard Nixon pummeling a saber tooth cat with brass knuckles?
  • Sir Mix Alot Posse On Broadway- what I'm listening to.
  • There is a personal beliefs exemption in some states to allow parents to withhold vaccines from their children. Vaccines are like a lot of things that are in place for safety and health- everybody has to do them all the time or the machine falls apart and it won't work. Anyway, maybe the worst thing about that exemption idea is it allows dumb people to basically dictate policy and public health. A lot of people will see that exemption to mean there really is a huge danger to vaccines and likewise if there is an exemption it must be OK to to take advantage of said exemption as the gubmint itself says it is- OK.
    I swear-  they're just making up words to name cars theses days.
  • Recruits to ISIS have left the group (when they don't get their heads chopped off in the process) reporting if they're males being treated poorly and fed inadequately. Females who have left report being serially raped. Um, I don't mean to add insult to injury but- you're surprised a group of sociopath, homicidal maniacs would be mean and rude to you?
    Photogenic lady fishing at Holland Lake
  • Weird: at work we are supposed to double envelope any medical record information we send to a patient and stamp CONFIDENTIAL in red on the exterior of the outside envelope thus increasing the risk the information could be compromised when that bulk of envelopes goes through a reader machine at the post office and gets ripped open. Furthermore, if you want to keep something under wraps, you probably do not want to drawn attention to it with the very provocative word, confidential in all caps and red ink.
  • The more you over-think an otherwise simple situation- the more likely you are to come to the wrong conclusion.
  • Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
    There is nothing like a nice fire- amiright?
  • Recently, Jordan strung up a couple of Iraqi jihadis in retribution for ISISs murder of a Jordanian F16 pilot. One of the people they hung was a woman. As I said earlier I don't mean to add insult to injury but the first time I saw a picture of her it was alongside one of the pilot. It was more/less a thumbnail and I thought her face was President Obama's Photoshopped onto a pic of a woman wearing a hijab and took it to be a statement of how the fate of the pilot was entwined with or dependent on President Obama somehow. Later I saw a larger image of the same picture and at a glance thought it was Fred Armisen. I mean- Woof!
  • I heard day before yesterday from one of sources in the nursing underworld that one of my favorite instructors from my nursing school days has died. He went in for a procedure on his heart and coded as it was being performed and then expired. We bumped into each other a few years ago. He didn't look so great then. His face was slightly puffy and he was pale. Sad, he was a nice, smart and very funny guy.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fort Richardson After Action Report

About as cool as anything there were the ladies in period dress.
I'll always have  soft spot in my heart for the old T-Patch.

Funny, there wan't a nickels worth of difference between the the Jeep I drove in the Army and the WWII version.

My dad was on a half track during WWII. This one seemed surprisingly nimble and quiet.

One of these guys day is about to get real bad.
  • So, I saw a dude get shot today (02/07/2015) anything interesting happen in your part of the world?
  • It happened during the WWII reenactment at Fort Richardson. The weird thing about that is it wasn't the first time it has happened. An old friend was a a reenactor during the late 80s and early 90s. During an engagement a guy got shot in the thigh. His unit bought him an original Wehrmacht Wound Badge to commemorate the event. 

    There was one Russian and one Japanese soldier there (that I saw anyway). No word on if they recreated the Russo Japanese War.

  • I thought about the possibility of a live fire incident in a, Wouldn't it be crazy...? kind of way before I left the house then dismissed it as soon as I recalled the aforementioned event. I assumed those guys would be shook down for live ammo and even guessed they might have to buy their blanks at the event.
  • When the guy got hit a woman stepped out of the crowd and used the military hand gesture for cease fire.

    I don't know if it was part of the play but this smoke grenade was thrown after the shot.

  • The guy playing the German officer was directly in the the line of fire but when he perceived what was happening he turned and walked to the source of the fire calling for a ceasefire. That was really brave.
    This is him after the fact.
  • There were at least 2 live rounds fired and I could be convinced there were 3. I saw one impact the ground in front and slightly to my left, then when I was turning right to identify the source I heard another live round pass from my right to left. When I turned left to see where it may have impacted I think I heard a third coming from right to left again but it may have been an effect caused by sound bouncing off the guardhouse from 2 or 3 blanks which were fired basically simultaneously.

  • It is hard enough to believe what is real anymore without seeing somebody get gutshot in the middle of a bunch of guys playing war for an audience.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

The cops will never notice, besides- don't they a grace period for expired tags...?

Can Hear Every Valve Rod Or Lifter Every Time

Three on the tree.

The gizmo to the right of the gas pedal is the starter switch.
  • This day (12/31/2014) started with these cool kids serenading me, a cup of black coffee and 2 huge pieces of sour cream pound cake followed by a hot bath and another cup.
  • Life is too short to not start some days this way.
  • Yes, I'm writing from the tub- nude, naked if you prefer. Nekkid if you're from Wise County. 
  • I'm listening to this now.
  • If I told you my favorite type of movie you would subconsciously but physically take a step back and never look at me the same again. No, it doesn't start with a p and end with an n and rhyme with corn.
  • I have mentioned before that among hospice nurses we made it known who was to definitely care for us if we were dying and who was to not get anywhere near us. Oddly, if able I'll ask an acquaintance to be present for me if I'm dying and make an allowance for her in my will if she is good humored enough to acquiesce. Why? I do not know- I sense it would be good for both of us.

  • Clark Gable got hugely fat before he died.
  • It is crazy the number of those old timey actors who died of cigarette related diseases.
  • Last night at work I saw 2 patients- in 3 hours. It was insanity inducing. Yes, I got caught up on my rat killin' but holy smokes. When I was commiserating with a nursing buddy (who is normally a rock of quiet dutifulness) she said, Omigawd- I know. It is tooo quiet. All I can hear is that stupid clock ticking!
  • " Rat killin' " Work that is accomplished after all normal daily duties. It connotes something that needs to be done but in a routine sense can wait until things that have to get done in an immediate sense are accomplished. It further connotes something that can be put off but if done so for too long will overwhelm you. It is a rural American expression. When everything was done- hogs butchered and crops were in etc. everybody went to the barn, stirred up the rats and killed them as they fled. It was a rat killin'- you didn't have to do it every day but to neglect to do it ever invited ruin.
  • Victim impact statements in trials are at best odd.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday's Digressions

  • For whatever reason I feel the need to for lack of a better term, take care of a very young female friendly acquaintance by buying her lunch, teaching her life lessons and being generally supportive of her- in short, be a friend. Others have serious-kidded me about setting her up to take her down sexually. That isn't true and I can't even exactly explain why- I just think it is what I'm supposed to do for her. My motives may not be entirely pure as I myself don't know exactly what they are but they aren't creepy either. She is literally beautiful but I feel I would treat her the same if she were dog-ugly.
  • A connected thinking out loud thought: maybe my motives are basically 100% pure- that is why I treat her so well. I am subconsciously rewarding her for being that one person I am interested in the well being of without thought for material or fleshly reward and that makes me feel good- it makes me feel like a better person.
  • Maybe its evolution.

    Found at Mineral Wells State Park. Thank you Jesus.
  • For the most part my aging arc has followed what we know from human experience and personal observation- my knees are toast, my hair left long ago, my ex wife followed sometime after, I'm tired all the time, I'm more chill about a lot of things and get worked up more about some others... An interesting thing I've taken note of though; I can't get away with wearing a lot of the clothes I like any more as they're too young looking and I would look ridiculous.
  • Recently (today is 11/28/2014) as I was cleaning the tub I used the great toe of my right foot to dig into the tile and brace myself as I cleaned. The toe is now swollen and sore. I can guess I have a small bone spur there and the extra pressure finally made it cause a problem. It burns like fire and hurts so bad to walk on it I have altered my gait and now my knee, hip and back are killing me. I'm falling apart!
  • Anyway, youth is wasted on young people
  • I am still determined to be a cool looking old guy.
    Pies I made for Thanksgiving at work.
  • People joke about how dour and depressed looking people from Russia can look in pictures, When you engage in that you're only showing how ignorant you are of another culture. There, smiling excessively is viewed as something a dishonest person does as part of an attempt to manipulate others. They can smile and laugh as readily as anybody- they just don't think you should go around grinning like an idiot all day.

    A drive by shooting: Great burritos and  terrible lunch plates can be found there.

    My kids being oddly sweet to each other. They're probably setting each other up for a shank to the ribs.

    Coon poop after it ate prickly pear fruits.

    Another drive by: Great Vietnamese and Chinese food to be had there.
    I know what it means and I know why it means what it means and where the motto originated and I can guess at what this guys means by displaying the motto but I can't disassociate the murder of Abraham Lincoln from the phrase.