Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Telephonic Missives

  • When I knew I could really never go home? When my sister who lives in our childhood home turned the phone number off that had been in service for basically 40 years. It struck her the same way- it was hard to turn loose.
  • When I was little you could dial the last four digits only and get through, then they added the last number of the prefix, then the whole prefix, then the prefix and area code.
  • The last 4 of my best friends number was 3210.
  • At another best friends house he had a party line and we used to snoop on one of the hottest girls in our schools conversations with other hot girls.
  • She and I used to talk quite a bit especially when I would ride the bus out to his house. I found out a long time later she had a crush on me- She was crazy about you. someone told me years later.
  • Unbelievable. I mean wow- I had no idea.
  • My first cell phone was as big as a lunchbox and I paid over 400.00 dollars for it- on sale with a long contract. I believe the battery must have weighed a pound or more- literally and would last maybe 30 minutes with any kind of usage and would go dead in just a few days regardless. I got the best job I've ever had in my life because of the contact ability it gave me though.
  • The only two times I've really needed a cell phone- actual emergencies I didn't have one with me although, had been living with the cost and aggravation they can cause for years.
  • My baby son has a play cell phone that he won't go anywhere without. When out walking somewhere he'll say, Wait! and stop and take a picture of something.
  • Always thought 867 5309 would be a cool number to have.

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The Donald said...

The weird thing about telephone numbers for me is that I can remember our phone number from when I was 4-6, the one from 6-13, 13-14, and both of them from 14-19. All of them were 7 digits, although the first two of them I remember with letters.

As well, I can remember my paternal grandparents' number - when I was a kid, they could dial across town (pop. 2500) with just the last 4 digits. My maternal g'parents had a party line - I didn't quite get [at the time] why they didn't always answer the phone when it rang.

And while I do remember my home phone number from when I was 22-28, and the landline I dropped about 4 years ago, I've no idea of my first apartment phone number, or my first two cellphones (I think they were 239- and 845- prefixes).

I knew my parents didn't want me moving back when, the summer after [my] leaving the house, Dad purchased a Glasair kit, and stored the fuselage halves in my old bedroom (I had taken my furniture with me).