Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday's Digressions

  • For whatever reason I feel the need to for lack of a better term, take care of a very young female friendly acquaintance by buying her lunch, teaching her life lessons and being generally supportive of her- in short, be a friend. Others have serious-kidded me about setting her up to take her down sexually. That isn't true and I can't even exactly explain why- I just think it is what I'm supposed to do for her. My motives may not be entirely pure as I myself don't know exactly what they are but they aren't creepy either. She is literally beautiful but I feel I would treat her the same if she were dog-ugly.
  • A connected thinking out loud thought: maybe my motives are basically 100% pure- that is why I treat her so well. I am subconsciously rewarding her for being that one person I am interested in the well being of without thought for material or fleshly reward and that makes me feel good- it makes me feel like a better person.
  • Maybe its evolution.

    Found at Mineral Wells State Park. Thank you Jesus.
  • For the most part my aging arc has followed what we know from human experience and personal observation- my knees are toast, my hair left long ago, my ex wife followed sometime after, I'm tired all the time, I'm more chill about a lot of things and get worked up more about some others... An interesting thing I've taken note of though; I can't get away with wearing a lot of the clothes I like any more as they're too young looking and I would look ridiculous.
  • Recently (today is 11/28/2014) as I was cleaning the tub I used the great toe of my right foot to dig into the tile and brace myself as I cleaned. The toe is now swollen and sore. I can guess I have a small bone spur there and the extra pressure finally made it cause a problem. It burns like fire and hurts so bad to walk on it I have altered my gait and now my knee, hip and back are killing me. I'm falling apart!
  • Anyway, youth is wasted on young people
  • I am still determined to be a cool looking old guy.
    Pies I made for Thanksgiving at work.
  • People joke about how dour and depressed looking people from Russia can look in pictures, When you engage in that you're only showing how ignorant you are of another culture. There, smiling excessively is viewed as something a dishonest person does as part of an attempt to manipulate others. They can smile and laugh as readily as anybody- they just don't think you should go around grinning like an idiot all day.

    A drive by shooting: Great burritos and  terrible lunch plates can be found there.

    My kids being oddly sweet to each other. They're probably setting each other up for a shank to the ribs.

    Coon poop after it ate prickly pear fruits.

    Another drive by: Great Vietnamese and Chinese food to be had there.
    I know what it means and I know why it means what it means and where the motto originated and I can guess at what this guys means by displaying the motto but I can't disassociate the murder of Abraham Lincoln from the phrase. 


The Donald said...

Isn't the Sombrero place the one that used to have a Glock sticker on the front door?

el chupacabra said...

Ha, yeah it was Texas Chicken then.