Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday's Missives

    The ubiquitous purple Texas sunset through the net fence pic trick.
  • I did not know until this (02/05/2015) morning that when Aubrey Hawkins was called out to where the escaped convicts from Texas Department Of Corrections would eventually kill him he was having dinner with his son at the time. I was reminded of Hawkin's murder as Texas killed one of the guys responsible yesterday evening. Here are his last words, " I would. That each new indignity defeats only the body. Pampering the spirit with obscure merit. I love you all. That's it."
  • That is sure to make the list of  stupidest famous last words.
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    Before the choir came out for Handel's Messiah at the WC 2014
    I may have shown you this before but can you get too much Richard Nixon pummeling a saber tooth cat with brass knuckles?
  • Sir Mix Alot Posse On Broadway- what I'm listening to.
  • There is a personal beliefs exemption in some states to allow parents to withhold vaccines from their children. Vaccines are like a lot of things that are in place for safety and health- everybody has to do them all the time or the machine falls apart and it won't work. Anyway, maybe the worst thing about that exemption idea is it allows dumb people to basically dictate policy and public health. A lot of people will see that exemption to mean there really is a huge danger to vaccines and likewise if there is an exemption it must be OK to to take advantage of said exemption as the gubmint itself says it is- OK.
    I swear-  they're just making up words to name cars theses days.
  • Recruits to ISIS have left the group (when they don't get their heads chopped off in the process) reporting if they're males being treated poorly and fed inadequately. Females who have left report being serially raped. Um, I don't mean to add insult to injury but- you're surprised a group of sociopath, homicidal maniacs would be mean and rude to you?
    Photogenic lady fishing at Holland Lake
  • Weird: at work we are supposed to double envelope any medical record information we send to a patient and stamp CONFIDENTIAL in red on the exterior of the outside envelope thus increasing the risk the information could be compromised when that bulk of envelopes goes through a reader machine at the post office and gets ripped open. Furthermore, if you want to keep something under wraps, you probably do not want to drawn attention to it with the very provocative word, confidential in all caps and red ink.
  • The more you over-think an otherwise simple situation- the more likely you are to come to the wrong conclusion.
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    There is nothing like a nice fire- amiright?
  • Recently, Jordan strung up a couple of Iraqi jihadis in retribution for ISISs murder of a Jordanian F16 pilot. One of the people they hung was a woman. As I said earlier I don't mean to add insult to injury but the first time I saw a picture of her it was alongside one of the pilot. It was more/less a thumbnail and I thought her face was President Obama's Photoshopped onto a pic of a woman wearing a hijab and took it to be a statement of how the fate of the pilot was entwined with or dependent on President Obama somehow. Later I saw a larger image of the same picture and at a glance thought it was Fred Armisen. I mean- Woof!
  • I heard day before yesterday from one of sources in the nursing underworld that one of my favorite instructors from my nursing school days has died. He went in for a procedure on his heart and coded as it was being performed and then expired. We bumped into each other a few years ago. He didn't look so great then. His face was slightly puffy and he was pale. Sad, he was a nice, smart and very funny guy.


Katy Anders said...

ISIS is going to start having issues if word gets out about worker dissatisfaction. I mean, those guys start unionizing and it's going to add all sorts of red tape.

The Donald said...

Yeah, who wants to work at a place advertising "Voted one of the 10 worst places to work in 2015!"?(Those fake workplace surveys are a pet peeve of mine.) And in the current precipitous world economy, what successful multinational organization can afford to have anything less than a loyal, skilled machete swinging, productive workforce?

Those that left, though, should count their lucky moon and stars - better to have left voluntarily than to have been in a division that got axed, because, well, you know...

If ISIS doesn't watch out, they may face a U.S. Department of Labor inquiry.

Bet that would frost their gizzards.

The Donald said...

Oh, BTW, cool RMN poster.

I think that the long view will show POTUS 37 to be a complex, flawed individual - but maybe not substantially more so than some of his predecessors, and successors.

Ex libris The Donald includes the volumes RN, No More Vietnams, Leaders, and In the Arena, as well as Steve Ambrose's bio of the man.

While there's inarguably much to detract from a stellar legacy for Nixon, it should also be noted that the U.S. post-world war affluence, contributed to a bunch of snot-nosed kids and burgeoning
self-righteous and aggrandizing reporters hijacking the political discourse.

The man from Yorba Linda did not say "Mr. Brezhnev, tear down this wall", but he did, if clumsily, extricate us from SE Asia, and unplug the icebox that was keeping the cold war fresh, thereby diminishing the threat of a MAD end of civilization as we know it.

Opening trade with China may yet/already have unintended consequences, but it should be recognized that there was significant tension/distrust between Moscow and Peking at the time, and normalizing Sino-American relations in no small part helped cage the bear. The USSR, remaining in a confrontational mode, depleted its treasury, while the U.S. and China forged a synbiotic relatinship.

I wonder if I can get an Ambassador post in the Fiorina administration in '17? Y'all can say you knew me when...

The Donald said...

* relationship. Sheesh.

The Donald said...

* symbiotic. Double sheesh.

I need to write shorter comments.