Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

The cops will never notice, besides- don't they a grace period for expired tags...?

Can Hear Every Valve Rod Or Lifter Every Time

Three on the tree.

The gizmo to the right of the gas pedal is the starter switch.
  • This day (12/31/2014) started with these cool kids serenading me, a cup of black coffee and 2 huge pieces of sour cream pound cake followed by a hot bath and another cup.
  • Life is too short to not start some days this way.
  • Yes, I'm writing from the tub- nude, naked if you prefer. Nekkid if you're from Wise County. 
  • I'm listening to this now.
  • If I told you my favorite type of movie you would subconsciously but physically take a step back and never look at me the same again. No, it doesn't start with a p and end with an n and rhyme with corn.
  • I have mentioned before that among hospice nurses we made it known who was to definitely care for us if we were dying and who was to not get anywhere near us. Oddly, if able I'll ask an acquaintance to be present for me if I'm dying and make an allowance for her in my will if she is good humored enough to acquiesce. Why? I do not know- I sense it would be good for both of us.

  • Clark Gable got hugely fat before he died.
  • It is crazy the number of those old timey actors who died of cigarette related diseases.
  • Last night at work I saw 2 patients- in 3 hours. It was insanity inducing. Yes, I got caught up on my rat killin' but holy smokes. When I was commiserating with a nursing buddy (who is normally a rock of quiet dutifulness) she said, Omigawd- I know. It is tooo quiet. All I can hear is that stupid clock ticking!
  • " Rat killin' " Work that is accomplished after all normal daily duties. It connotes something that needs to be done but in a routine sense can wait until things that have to get done in an immediate sense are accomplished. It further connotes something that can be put off but if done so for too long will overwhelm you. It is a rural American expression. When everything was done- hogs butchered and crops were in etc. everybody went to the barn, stirred up the rats and killed them as they fled. It was a rat killin'- you didn't have to do it every day but to neglect to do it ever invited ruin.
  • Victim impact statements in trials are at best odd.


Katy Anders said...

Clark Gable lived one block over from where I live in Houston for a while in the 20's. I don't think he was probably fat then, though.

I just had that bit of trivia in my head and have never been able to use it before.

el chupacabra said...

Thanks Katy- That is one I had known but forgotten. Glad you got it out out of your system.

The Donald said...

I think Winnie (we were buds, ya know) Churchill used to write from the tub (we never bathed together).

Thought I knew the aphoristic car acronyms: Drips Oil Drops Grease Everywhere, Fix It Again Tony (yep, I owned one), Fix Or Repair Daily, Pontiac (yeah, I won't go there...), but I'd never heard - or read - the Chevrolet one.

The Donald said...

When I was in high school, our subdivision was on the periphery of our 'burb, such that there was acreage and a barn with stalls for lease just three blocks from our house. We kept my mare there.

It was fun to go up there at night with BB guns in the summer (when the equines were out to pasture), turn on the lights, and try to pick off the rodents as they scurried across the rafters.