Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday's Missives

  • Tilt shift  photography intrigues me but the novelty might wear off quickly.
  • I cannot recall the last time I've sharpened a knife and assume my skills are long gone.
  • Which is a bummer because as you know, babes pretty much want guys with good skills like numchuk skills or bowstaff skills...
  • My dad's knives were always literally razor sharp and he would have to retire them after some years because the blade would be worn away.
    Good grief

    Why you ask? It makes it go faster.

    A sea of carmanity

    Yes, yes- I did simultaneously shake my head and face palm at this sight.

    Nobody cares about your stupid stick figure family

    Marginally cooler

    I want to believe

    Good grief
  • Two people where I work play off each other and set each other up for the homeless people to bug them about inane details and/or things each know the other tires of talking about. Yeah- just ask _______ about that when he gets here. The more questions the better. He just loves questions- pretty funny.
  • People often assume FG is my children's mother. We don't even bother to argue or explain- she is a better parent to them than me anyway and why bother? The funny, odd interesting- scary thing? The kids don't correct outsiders either.
  • Interesting almost always comes out intersting. Well, except for that time but you know what I mean.

    I like this pic- it seems candid although he was well aware his pic was being taken. He is content. Which shot is better- and why? The first appeals to me- the color is more correct and the sly grin makes me wonder what he is thinking.

    Could have been a great shot with a slightly tighter composition.
  • At work there used to be a ban on the programs that would allow a radio program to run on some of the computers although we could run Youtube for training videos. When I asked if  the radio block could be lifted from mine when some other work was done the response was, No, no one is supposed to have radio. If everybody had it it might slow the system down. Good thing nobody ever thought to run Youtube for the music in the background all day...
  • Sports don't really hold much interest for me but Freddie Couples is my favorite golfer.
  • PaHaQue tents are supposed to great but I would never buy one- I don't trust products that are intentionally hard to pronounce or would make me sound weird to try and pronounce.
  • Nursing pro tip: if an adult person is anywhere 100 pounds followup on that every chance you get with weights, questions about diet and fluid intake and new meds. They are prone to immune problems, sensitivity to meds and other issues also, they may or may not have an eating disorder.
    My office window

    Wonder what scored big on a delicious duck egg?

    My new Vans are awesome.


Katy Anders said...

As long as you can throw Chinese stars, you're going to be a babe magnet forever.

Denney Crane said...

I don't know what that totem is at your office window, but it should draw attention. I don't see one of those everyday...

el chupacabra said...

Thanks Katy. I train every day.

Hey Denney- Funny thing about that. We had candy, spiders and yes a few of those sketons to give out to minor patients one Halloween. Months (close to a year) later a patient said, Uh, what's with the skeleton hanging off the lighthouse!?
A prankster hung his from there without my knowledge.