Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday's Missives

He has a brontasaurus riding in a trailer with a longhorn steer and a triceratops in the bed of his truck- your argument is invalid.

  • This past month flew by.
  • Someone will correct me and say that is a diplodicus and not a brontasaurus as I always get dinosaurs confused now that I have gotten old.
  • Zac just (today is 5/27/2015) asked me some questions about the war over breakfast.
  • Kinda surreal.
  • Most interesting question was, What was your favorite part about Iraq-if there was one?
    Me: is today going to be a good day?
    Universe: Uhmmmm- No!
  • Guy in the kitchen at Wildberrys is talking loud, fast and long!
  • I know a couple of people who
  • After a break of only few hours I come back here just as puzzled as you, as to where I was going with that last point.
  • Coming back a few days later I remember now, plain as day... 
  • No wait- I got nothing.
    Somebody left this in the break room. Multiple people stopped in mid stride as they walked by and did a double take- thinking it was a bottle of booze. 
  • When I was a boy we had family in Wichita Falls, Holiday, Iowa Park and Burk Burnet. On the way home from seeing them we would pass a quonset hut that was in private hands. It intrigued me as I knew it's military origins only and could not comprehend one being privately owned. I thought the owner must secretly be a soldier of some type.
  • I saw it once later- years ago but do not recall where it was located. It had been painted but was the same place.
  • Although I suppose it is a gimme- here is my favorite Pennywise song. What is yours?

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