Thursday, June 8, 2017

Elementary School Flashback

When I was in first grade there was a special ed. kid named Darwood who was severely hydro cephalic or what they called back then waterbrained. His hydrocephaly was so severe he had trouble holding his head up. I used to talk to him when we would be out for recess. He had no friends- even the teachers had little to do with him and he would sit near the school building and play in the dirt while we were on the playground. I remember how he would lay his head over his shoulder a certain way or hold it up with his hand when he was tired of holding his head up. I felt for him and would talk to him. It isn't an overstatement at all to say I was the closest thing to a friend he had in this world. One day he was lining crayons up on the paved area in front of the classes. I asked him why, It makes them melty.  Why? was again my response.  It makes them taste better and easier to eat.  He offered me a yellow one. I instead chose red. It tasted waxy, salty and dirty.
He disappeared after a holiday break and when I asked the teacher where he was- she said, Never you mind child

I am sure he died. I hope I made his journey in this world more tolerable.

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