Thursday, June 29, 2017

It seems harvester ants are making a comeback. This mound was a few feet from a fire ant mound- although fire ants are blamed for the red ants decline. Also I see them where I did not in the past. 

Pink grade whisker on soccer field in Weatherford America. It may be there to mark the exact center of the field.

A favorite bird. Those things are all around Sunshine Lake and the trailway.

Maybe not the worst toilet in Scotland but the worst I have ever seen in the state parks system. Gag.

Poorly designed, placed and maintained culvert. #covfefe!

How do thingss like this get torn up? Anyway, it is because of people who do things like that- we can't have anything nice.

The view has always pleased me- it is not grand or perfect or anything. It is just mildly pleasing.

Thought I had finally seen a wild red snapper

until we got closer and it turned over for a belly rub.

The filters on my phone are still cool to experiment with. It is kinda my thing.

They should put an exclamation mark at the end of TROPICAL THUNDER.

That is more like it.

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The Donald said...

I was reading an article the other day about a guy who pours molten aluminum down [mostly] abandoned anthills. Once the metal hardens, he digs them up to reveal exquisite artworks formed by the labrynth of tunnels and chambers.

Alas, at times the colonies still have residents, and wouldn't you know it, the PETAs got in a tizzy that he was boiling the little six-legged ones.