Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

Somebody thought one of the greatest westerns ever made needed a reboot with Tom Skerritt starring. Ridiculous.

  • Today is 08/20/2016 and Zac chose and is watching Lawrence of Arabia. Tomorrow, he will be studying Seven Pillars Of Wisdom I am sure.
  • Regardless- he is loving the movie and is asking about the real T.E. Lawrence of whom I know enough to entertain a 10 year old boy as I was already reading about him at that age.
  • When do I tell him about the gang rape of Lawrence when the Turks captured him?
  • The sandwich artist at the Subway we ate at today was as high as a kite.
  • We found 2 Texas brown snakes on a sidewalk at Holland Lake. One was tiny and one was a smallish adult. I am not sure if the larger was the momma, she was a cannibal stalking the smaller one or if their proximity was coincidental. We shooed them off the trail.
  • Predictably I did not have my camera with me (although I picked it up at the house and considered bringing it).
  • While at the park we put 2 grasshoppers on a harvester ant mound and watched the hoppers be dissassembled.
  • It is the little things....
  • A friend has not been seprarated from her hubby for a month and she has had sex with 3 different dudes.
  • Watching LOA's desert scenes gave me a bit of a flashback. It gets so hot in Iraq that with physical exertion you literally cannot stay ahead of your water loss- you will lose more than you can possibly take in. On two different occassions over a 24-48  hour period or less I lost so much weight my clothes no longer fit. My belt was cinched 4 or even 6 inches tighter and my joints ached like I was an 80 year old arthritic coal miners. My boots became 3 sizes too big- honestly, I could feel my feet flopping around in them no matter how much I tightened the laces. As a bonus, during the worst episode - my face looked like a skull and I had coon eyes. That time, we were poisoned at the chow hall. At least 1/4 of my company was laid out with the diarrheas. If you told me I had lost 25 or even 30 pounds over those 24-48 hours I could not have argued.
  • The director of LOA wanted the musical score on the intro and intermezzo to played with a black background to set some kind of tone or something- ridiculous. It is mildly annoying is all he accomplished.
  • Almost any time you overthink something that is otherwise simple- you will come to wrong conclusion.
  • I wrote the notes this post is derived from in pink ink
  • Pink ink- that rhymes.

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