Monday, September 26, 2016

Politics- As Usual

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  • Some smart, well informed people believe war (at least naval and air to air) with China is inevitable. They are probably correct. Out first mistake with China was selling our souls to the Devil by allowing them to finance our crazy with loans. Then we let them outmaneuver us everywhere that has water that arguably comes back to their shores and finally- we let them outsmart us in regards to Russia; as every day their ties to each other grow and our relationship with Russia deteoriates.
  • Recently a homeless person came into our clinic to be screened for shelter clearance. She was wearing a C spine brace also known as a halo. If she had no home she should have been in a nursing home. Instead, she was riding a bus and being jostled around while she jumped through hoops to be allowed a bed in a warehouse. This was happening while we are importing into this country more poor people than the rest of the world combined- poor people who will get medicaid, housing and yes- Social Security benefits if they are disabled.
  • We are crazy.
  • For the most part I presumed people who were screaming about Hilary's health obviously had their own toxic agenda and were maybe even straight up lying but wow- that video of her fainting at that 911 memorial looked bad. People can randomly get a pneumonia but they should not randomly get a pneumonia (presuming that is what she had and is all she had). You have to consider- what was the underlying cause?
  • I could be convinced she has Parkinson's but regardless something is up- she doesn't even look right.
  • On the 10th of September I was asked to hang out with somebody the next day as they did not want to be alone. I cannot think like that if for no other reason than reliving horrible moments like that doesn't allow for healing. Our brains are notoriously bad at deciding what is real and what is not and what was then and what is now and I did not want to be stuck watching replays of that day.
  • Yesterday I saw a an article with the headline to the effect of, "Air Force general unsure of what US response will be after North Korean nuclear bomb tests." My first response was, Um, probably what we always do- walk around in circles with one thumb up our butts the other in our mouth while meowing the Meow Mix jingle and then we back a dump truck full of money up to Kim Jong Un's palace?!
  • We have a minimum age for President but no maximum.
  • You can say what you want about your most beloved aged historical figure or your sainted granny but an 80 year old brain does not function like a 50.
  • Recently I saw a picture of President Obama and Vlad Putin meeting at some summit or whatever. President Obama looked like he was going to terror-vomit.


The Donald said...

Yeah, it seems like our politicians take money from working Americans and dole it out to anyone in the world who doesn't. Maybe it's time we became semi-isolationist, kinda like a porcupine - we'll keep our carriers & subs sailing the seas, and U2s and satellites keeping an eye on things. Maintain most air- and naval bases, but otherwise most boots on American soil. If any hostile power gets anywhere near the U.S., we'll smack the fire out of them.

Unfortunately, we've had enough one-worlder, kumbaya leaders that the folks who will do us harm are already safely esconced in our communities - the threat from within.

el chupacabra said...

You got my vote Donald