Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • An old friendly acquaintance crossed my mind recently. She was gorgeous, funny, smart and sweet and coincidentally had a rockin' bod. She was also married. There was some tension between us that was made worse by the fact I know she dared herself to jump the fence with me. Thank God it happened late enough in my life I was strong enough to resist ( I am an oak after all). Her hubby had several health problems and was unlikely to live a statistically full lifespan. Some time after she and I parted ways I thought of her and the question, I wonder if he is still alive ? involuntarily crossed my mind. I hope the fact that I felt like a monster for thinking that, made me less of a monster.
  • Although she lived in Dallas, an uncle who had for the most part raised her was buried near Weatherford. She called once and ask if I wanted to meet up for lunch as she was at the cemetery- a cemetery which I was coincidentally nearby so I swung in and we walked around together. We stopped by some railing on a trail that winds through the cemetery. I leaned back and put my hand on the rail. She leaned back and accidentally on purpose put her butt on my hand; then with faux shock she jumped away and we laughed. She then sighed and leaned into me and put her head on my shoulder. My heart jumped up into my throat. We did go eat lunch but I never saw her again.
  • Why?! Because I am an oak. 
  • After telling a younger person about my life growing up in Decatur TX she said, Wow, that sounds perfect! To which I replied, Yeah, it was like leave It To Beavertown but all the grown-ups smelled like cheap cologne and makeup, fried food (or barbecue) beer and stale cigarettes.
  • When I was way too young to be doing so I would disappear from the house and be gone all day. There are memories of little old ladies giving us lemonade and cookies and of course there was always random hose water but how did I not die of a heatstroke, get run over by a car or be sauteed by Albert Fish's grandson?
  • Jesus
  • A woman asked me for my cel phone number yesterday. That is always a mild thrill and nice little validation.
  • The other day I saw a patient in a restaurant and had to catch myself before I said hello to her and her friends found out I was her tuberculosis nurse and we had met at a TB clinic.
  • Consumption.
  • My 9 year old is getting an Ipod for his birthday- a device I could not have comprehended at his age. He is about the same age I would have been when I  picked up Coke bottles to buy a used AM/FM radio from a neighbor lady who had offered it up at her yard sale. She saved it for me until I had the money. I wonder where that thing is? It followed me into adult life as I recall using it when I did make readys for an apartment complex during the summer while in college and think it may have even been used in a garage in my married life but have no independent recall of when it finally gave up the ghost. 


The Donald said...

In the mid-late '80s, I was a year out of my first marriage. A married co-worker - one of the other loan officers where we both worked - suggested I drop by to watch July 4 fireworks after another event I had planned for earlier in the evening. So, we watched fireworks with her neighbors from her driveway, at the edge of her subdivision.

Afterwards, she asked if I wanted to come in to watch a movie - her husband was away on business, and her 5-6 year old son had gone to bed. We watched Romancing the Stone, on her waterbed.

I don't know if it was some kind of Amazing Rhythm Aces naïveté, or maybe respecting that she was married, but nothing happened. After the movie, I gave her a kiss on the cheek at the front door before leaving. She left our workplace less than a year later (I stayed for 11 more years), and I think I may have only run into her once a couple of years after. While still at the job, we never again mentioned the evening, and I never knew what her intentions were.

I thought about that recently, and, having too much free time, did some Googling. I was surprised to find she's 13-14 years my senior, not surprised that she was divorced about the same time she changed jobs. Save for my being a maple, it would've been a great Summer of '42 event.

BTW, I still have the Realistic FM/Cassette deck that - in a The Donald customized transmission hump stack with 23 Channel CB and an 8-track player - augmented the factory AM in my first car.

el chupacabra said...

We picture her being hawt and as such you have oak status.
I will be watching for 8 track tapes for you.
Stay oakey my friend.

The Donald said...

She was definitely hawt, in a perky/sassy kind of way.

I'm gonna have to check out that FM radio some time - maybe this winter - I'm sure it hasn't been out of the box in over 25 years. Might even still work, though I imagine any rubber drive belts for the cassette section would be history.