Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pre Brazos Float Trip Talk- A Brazos Float Trip That Is Now A Long Ago Pleasant Memory

The Brazos float trip is still a go but with a weird twist. The conversation went like this:

Woman with whom I have lately been spending time: Yeah it is still on.
Me: Good, I'll pick up some food.
WwwIhbst: They want hot dogs.
Me: Huh?! Wait, what? I can make some Mountain Pantry chicken fettucine with a can or two of green beans and some asparagus in half a jiff.
WwwIhbst: They want dogs
 Me: That makes no sense. There are condiments, multiple ingredients... a lot of trouble. Special storage and handling etc- to eat garbage. When we could carry paper plates and after we eat some good food throw the whole mess in the fire and pack out the two non flammable packages.
 WwwIhbst: Its fun.
Me: It is garbage- snake anus' mongoose lips llama vulvas... it is garbage.
WwwIhbst: It is fun.

That settles it I guess- it is fun.

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The Donald said...

1) Take your compound bow.

2) Look out for hillbillies.

3) Don't forget the arrows.