Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday's Digressions

So weird when one of these ashtrays catch on fire. Also, it is vaguely comical for some odd reason. Associated thought- it seems like I have seen a bunch of those things burn up in my life- maybe as many as 10? 

  • It may be a coincidence but of the 3 brands I've tried of coffee fortified with extra caffeine- all have a distinctly similar smell and taste.

    In front of my breakfast place. I took note of that  electrode as I chewed a bite of bacon. I pictured it being tossed there by a big fat guy who is coming back for round two after discharge from the hospital following  his myocardial infarction. His name is Billy. Although he is safely into his 40s he still shotguns beer and yells, Yeehaw! a lot.
  • This last week was rough- I was so exhausted at the end of the day yesterday I essentially passed smooth out when I hit the sack last night. 
    Zacs first Icee.
  • When i was a kid we used to dust our dogs with sulfur for tick and flea treatment and prevention. It was placed in an old salt shaker, sprinkled on the animal and then spread through the fur with our fingers.
  • I am recently more nostalgic about animals long gone for some reason. 
  • Thinking about Freckles my cat reminded me of her purr. It was dainty and musical.

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