Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday's Missives

  • 1 ex wife, 2 business associates and at least 3 girlfriends- as of this writing the breakdown of people who have seen the Random Thoughts Girls on Barry's blog and thought they busted me watching pron.
  • Good grief.
  • I am looking (somewhat halfhearted) for another job.
  • A homeless  patient I saw this morning is an interesting guy. He reported (and I tend to believe)he was a medical student at Galveston in the days of his youth but he had a series of transient ischemic attacks and was unable to complete his studies. I know they all have a story- I have seen supposed lawyers with poop smeared in their hair and have met homeless secret government agents by the score but I tend to believe him.
  • The other day (today is 12/14/2016) I gave a homeless person a bunch of good winter clothing- for the second winter in a row. Interestingly, part of the gesture involved brand new still in the wrappers long Johns that my ex mother in law gave me 15 (at least) years ago. There are multiple object lessons in that part of the story.
  • General homeless persons categories: Campers- they sleep in tents or ad hoc shelters for extended periods. Street people: They sleep where they pass out- literally on the street, vacant lot or maybe occasionally an abandoned building. Shelter people: They live uh, in a shelter for homeless persons.
  • If you are in the market for a good used truck I will have one available after December 28 as I intend to win a new Infinity Q30 from the Normathon benefiting Austin Street Center.
  • I have it all figured out don't I? Here I am just sitting here rocking back and forth wanting all that new car...


The Donald said...

Norm attends my church. Every fall, they run video trailers (with NH voice-over) asking for clothing & blanket donations to Austin Street.

Hope everything works out for you on the Q30.

el chupacabra said...

Hey TheDonald- He seems like a great guy. As for Q30? Oh well- there is always next year...