Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday's Missives

  • Leftists need to accept they lost. Trump needs to accept he won- and act like it.
  • Today is Pearl Harbor day for 2016. In so many ways the war changed my dad (mostly for the better) and by extension; it changed me- I would have been less likely to serve without his example.
  • One of the first bits of trivia I remember blowing my mind when I learned it as a boy: Yamamoto attended Harvard for four years and carried a soft spot in his heart for the US until Rex Barber piloting a P38 Lightning built in Burbank California shot him down over Bouganville- Murica! I just read he was impacted by two .50 caliber rounds- one hit him in the jaw and the other his shoulder. That puzzles me- I know I had heard in an interview or read somewhere he was struck once- in the lower back.
  • Blogger quit automatically saving a draft copy of my posts after I published them.
  • A buddy is so whipped by his girlfriend it is equally hilarious and sad. She dresses him in goofy looking clothes and he has quit doing some of the things he loved and started doing a bunch of crap he hates. When you remark on something that seems like an odd change for him he inevitably starts his reply with, Eh, well my girlfriend...
  • I am already looking forward to Scarborough Ren. Faire.
  • My truck looks like it belongs to an insane person. Honestly I do not know why I let it get so disgusting but when it finally gets cleaned out ( a task on the list entitled "Soon") it will require an hour or two of work and I bet at least a kitchen size garbage bag. In the past, I have never had to apologize for the appearance of a vehicle but I have done so multiple times over the past couple of months.
  • We had dinner at Rio Mambo Monday night. Verdict: expensive and bland. How they made fajitas bland I do not know- but they somehow pulled it off- I mean really; lets give them a slow clap for that... If you are ever in Weatherford America and want fajitas that won't put you in the poor house- drive out Playa Maya. It is actually in Hudson Oaks (and the only good thing there) but yeah- good and reasonably priced.


The Donald said...

Dude, you totally had to mention Playa Maya, making me go to the google to confirm where I thought it was (near the Racetrac), and seeing all their good treats on the website. Unfortunately, I don't have occasion to drive to PC anymore, so I will have to get my south-of-the-border fix somewheres else.


el chupacabra said...

Hey TheDonald- Yeah, I tell ya, I have had exactly one less than great experience there and that only amounted to stale-ish chips and ice water with most of the ice melted. Otherwise- the actual food and service were still excellent. I eat there multiple times a month.