Monday, January 23, 2017

Thursday's Thoughts

    You heard it first here

  • Today is 01/20/2017- best inauguration speech ever?
  • My Hispanic co workers were gathered around a monitor watching it when I went to the front office. Without missing a beat I said, It was nice to know you. I will miss you guys.
  • Today (01/22/2017) I saw maybe the most pertinent question I have ever read in my life, "Who will test Trump first?"
  • Spoiler: It will be North Korea.
  • The last provocateurs we will be worried about will be Russia and China as the world does not work the way a lot of people think it does.
  • This morning I started season 3 of Game Of Thrones. Pretty amazing.
  • My razors are lasting weeks now with the new lotion I have for shaving my head. If you decide to be a bald head enthusiast and you razor burn your noggin just slap some hydrocortisone ointment on it. You'll be good.
  • A Oreo caramel milkshake from Jack In The Crack may be on the list for lunch.
  • A lady that is interested in me is 65 years old. That makes her over twice as old as my last girlfriend. She actually has a child who is 3 years older than the last GF.
  • Would you ever in a million years go to a sex club? I am not talking about swapping partners at all- those cards are not even on the table. The two of you go in and hang out and chat with the other freaks and watch them do freaky things and then the two of you go do your own thing together.
  • This past weekend (today is 01/23/2017) I did nothing but read and watch movies- and I did not even bother to get out bed to do either. I would get up to take a pee and get a drink of water then I would fall back over in bed. I would awaken worn smooth out from one nap- so I would start another. The pile of books I read or read at was topped only by the stack of garbage movies I consumed. Aside from one giant lunch- I hardly even ate as I did not expend enough energy to justify eating much.
  • Good. Weekend.


The Donald said...

A granny crush? Ewwww. Well, maybe Christie Brinkley or Cheryl Tiegs.

Boink club? Uh, no.

I have occasionally awakened from a nap, only to start another nap a short time later.

el chupacabra said...

Yeah- I gottcha. She is older than me- but only on the upper end of what I consider my reasonable limit.
The sex club question came as I was asked to go by a woman- I had never considered it before and was forced to consider the thought as well--- I was invited to one...
Naps= God's gift.

Mike said...

The upper limit of what you consider reasonable?

The nap-movie-nap-food weekend is exactly what I need sometime!

Sex club? One time..and it was just as you described. We sat and drank and watched some couples do their thing. Didn't join in (no way!), but it was certainly an experience. Kind of interesting way to expand your horizon just a tad.

el chupacabra said...

Hey Mike- My personal limit for age difference is 15 years (up or down) although I am pretty sure 10 years is a better number. A weird thing bout me- people forget how OLD I am. She is only 13 years older than me and pretty fine looking.

The sex club idea was implanted in my brain by a GF who wanted to do it as her best friend went to one once and told her about it. Honestly, it had never occurred to me on my own- and doubt it ever would. I still think it would be interesting.

Mike said...

You're right, I did forget how OLD you are! HAHA! I forget sometimes how OLD I'm getting too. :-)

Ten years up or down was [mostly] always my limit. I strayed from that from time-to-time though, depending on the circumstances.

On another note, when you gonna come sailing with me?

TommyBoy said...

I tried to start my own sex club once. Nobody came so I raved in the nude for half an hour then went to bed.

el chupacabra said...

Mike- Soon amigo on the sailing issue

Tommy- Dang that was funny. lulz