Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wedesday's Digressions

  • Last night (today is 12/22/2016) I had the crazy dream again where I climb up on top of a building and have to climb down the other side. It is tall enough to mean instant death (on impact of course) in the event of a fall on the down side but where I climbed up it was so easy to climb up it was practically a lark. It is so terrifying I almost always awaken at the time the fall is imminent.
  • This morning I saw a Tahoe which was 2 years old advertised for nearly 42 thousand dollars. In another life when I first looked for a house to buy there were plenty of decent enough ones offered for only slightly more.
  • The nicest car my dad ever had when I was in the picture cost him 600 dollars and we drove it all over Texas , Oklahoma and Arkansas. It was the only car we ever had with a working AC. I thought we must have become rich. It was 1969 Ford LTD. It had a 390 engine.
  • The funkiest car he had was a 30s something model Ford? that had the trunk lid cut out and a small pickup bed placed there. It was done by the Texas Department of Transportation (or whatever it was called back then) to be used as a work vehicle. I had identified it in the past by a picture we had of him with it but I don't remember now the exact make or model. It was- according to an uncle who remembered it from when he was a boy a dark yellow color.
  • On second thought- was it an International?
  • Recently I saw an ex girlfriend with her husband. It is cool- good for her and good for him. The one thing I took note of was she had grown her hair out- as I had asked her to do back then. It looked great and although she was already fine looking- the long hair makes her look super pretty.
  • An odd note about the preceding thought- he drives her old car and she a new SUV.
  • Although I have mentioned it before- if cost was no object I could absolutely live in hotels and just travel for the rest of my life. For that matter if I had to work and could still afford to live in a decent one- I could live in a hotel long term.
  • Somethings you do not know: Christians are the most persecuted religious group- on the planet. The war in Yemen and the war in Ukraine are every bit as intense and vicious as Syria and Iraq and plenty of people are suffering but most people have not heard of Yemen and when it comes to Ukraine most (I think) believe the war there blew over a while back.
  • Recently at work I was acting bummed out so a buddy gave me a plastic articulated snake to cheer me up. Later I went back to make sure she knew it had worked and I felt better and thanked her for the snake and the general effort to make me happy. Several days later she sensed I was down again so she said, Well hey- you could always go to your office and play with your snake for a while- that might cheer you up!
  • Sometimes people make my job as an aspiring comedian and overall vile reprobate too easy.


Anonymous said...

Somebody say vile reprobate?

el chupacabra said...

Lulz- thankfully Anon knows what I'm talkin' about!