Wednesday, December 21, 2016

With Trumps

We got the president we wanted. We may have gotten the president we needed. Let us hope we did not get the president we deserved.


TommyBoy said...


The Donald said...

There's a lot going on in that statement.

As someone who definitely didn't vote for HRC, I've been amused by the number of people - both for and against DJT - who've been saying with great passion and certainty what he definitely will, or definitely won't, do as President.

Not one to compromise simply for compromise's sake, I instead believe that we simply don't - and won't - know what the guy's gonna do...until he does it. He's a bit of a loose cannon, to be sure, albeit at this point it was kinda worth the gamble of having a loose one versus one pointed directly at us.

If he can rein in government bureaucracy run amok, institute rational trade policy, establish control of our borders, and restore integrity to the White House, he will be a success. If, along the way, he could drop his Twitter penchant for giving release to every random thought fragment, that would be a bonus.

So far, his Cabinet picks appear to be OK. Some of course scoff at the selection of JRP at Energy. I too was initially nonplused, but on some reflection, does it not generally make sense that the Secretary be from an energy producing state, and more specifically, ours?

In any event, it will be an interesting ride.

Anonymous said...

I fear that we will soon realize that Trump was the worst of the two choices. He has no clue what he got himself into - as witness by his surprised reaction that he won. He is not good for America.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Trump, st least so far, has been good for America. Our country needs to be managed under the auspices of freedom for the individual, not at the whims of socialists global types meddling with our culture.

Diversity and multiculturalism do not work and as strong as the globalists are, they are not powerful enough to force us all at gunpoint to follow their misguided rule.