Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • This morning (today is 06/20/2016) I finished Romancing The Stone. What a good movie- not great- just a kinda good, enjoyable movie. Some things I took note of on this the 325th viewing: Kathleen Turner was covered with (real) bruises. That must have been one brutal film to make. In the end credits there is somebody noted as, "Hefty Woman" and the actors name you ask?  Her name was "Chachita".
  • I am eating a breakfast croissant from Spudwinkle. It may be the best I have ever eaten in my life. This includes all other ones from them I have eaten in the past- how does that happen- especially when I am the only customer there and I arrive within minutes of the previous time I was there (and I go multiple times a week)? It seems to me they should with very slight varying degrees of separation all be about the same.
  • This weekend I read an article about a guy who had been a professional truther. Part of the story was he saw the error of his way when he saw how that movement hurts victims of tragedies. He also talked about the attention and validation he received while a believer. He more/less admitted he ignored inconvenient facts as he walked the path. He then talked about how he became a victim of the movement he once represented as his life was threatened and efforts were made to destroy his reputation once he left the movement behind. My personal take away? The guy is a vapid, vacuous, narsicistic sociopath.
  • This morning (11/07/2016) I awoke with every time telling device in my house being an hour ahead of my atomic watch which I had previously had trouble setting to recognize daylight savings time. I listened to the radio hoping they would clarify if my watch had just lost it's mind or if it was the only time keeper in the place that knew what was up. On the radio I heard multiple traffic and weather reports without a single time check which I suppose is because of the presumption that everybody has a cel phone to tell them the time but the same phones won't give them local weather and traffic?
  • Somebody who is  famous in America for being beautiful looks not only very mannish to me but looks like she had a very clumsily performed sex change operation.
  • Shia LBeouf.


Anonymous said...

A professional truther? He gets paid for believing what, exactly? Barack's bogus birth certificate? 9/11 stuff? Michelle has a penis?

I'd like to see the article. So much fake news, so little time.

Who is your mystery famous person and what is that last reference to Shia Le-whatever?

The Donald said...

Kev - I'll chide you a bit and say that RTS is a very good movie. It's one of my favorites from the '80s. The sequel more or less sucked, though.

I use phrases - mostly on audiences who have no idea what I'm talking about - like:
"Si, Cartagena!, now they're practical, dammit the Doobie Brothers broke up!, you mean my Little Mule?, and T stand for trustworthy". It's kind of a Ricky Nelson thing - you can't please everyone, so I amuse myself.

Inevitably drawing comparisons with RoTLA (which I also like immensely), I probably gravitate more to RTS for eschewing the flamboyant special effects while moving the action/adventure along briskly. And, let's not forget that Kathleen Turner was way hot at the time.