Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • It is out of order the way we write dates in America- it should be the day, month and then year. For example, today is December 12, 2016 so it should be 12/12/2016 instead of 12/12/2016... Oh, huh, well that example did not work out so well but you know what I mean because you are smart and good looking.
  • Spetsnaz troops are on the ground in Syria. Of course we professional warfighters/political commentators knew that to be true but this is the first video I have seen of them in action. Be sure to turn the subtitles on for some comic relief. Amazing to see were the guys blown off the back of a truck by a missile (which I presume to be a Kornet) then get up and run away.
  • As a ute I know we wrote the President in class but I am not sure if it was a group effort or if we did it individually and I do not recall a response at all. Nancy Renshaw was the teacher who headed the effort.
  • I knew SpeedoMan well and basically my entire life. He was a good guy.
  • Apollo 18 was a terrible movie although I was intrigued by the trailers and DVD cover description I saw before watching it. Man, I really thought it could be good and was disappointed it was so sucky.
  • The F14s nickname is Tomcat which is cooler and harder sounding to me than the F22s moniker of Raptor.
  • I always think moniker should be monikor and when spellcheck calls me on it I first wonder where I went wrong- without looking at the last 2 letters.
  • Yesterday for lunch we had amazing chili made by a friends wife. It had sausage, stew meat and seasoned hamburger in it. I need to find out if I have chance with her if something happens to him or if she already has a back up husband in place.
  • A hot friendly acquaintance is leaving her husband and another friendly acquaintance is already making a move on her- probably not smart homes. As hot and as cool as she is- she will be a wreck for a while brother. When she lands on her feet (as he undoubtedly will) a year or so from now somebody is going to be very lucky but until then, she will unintentionally destroy at least a few hopefuls.
  • They had cowboy poetry and music at Mineral Wells Sate Park Saturday night. I wanted to go but did not have a single person I could have asked to go with me (to be more correct- the one I could and did ask rejected me with extreme prejudice) so I stayed home and watched a Simon Pegg movie about  a lame 40 year old loser. That is totally not me.
  • I am 50 years old.


TommyBoy said...

Dude! I feel your pain. I always wanted to try mail order women from Russia but I never had the spare bank. I know a guy who went for a Chinese girl and they live in Australia now -- she turned into a shrieking shrew and he is miserable.

Make yourself into someone these babes want to pursue! Seriously. Lose weight? Fancy car? New clothes? Grow out your hair! Or cut it! Dab a little Halston on your neck and face. Hang out where the singles mingle -- church, grocery store, gym. An ad in the paper -- Back Page of the Observer, maybe? Get creative. Most of all, don't worry, be happy.

You strike me as a nice guy so let me tell you, bro, there is a severe shortage of women out there who are incapable of being loved and being loyal at the same time. Stay away from drug addicts, alcoholics, the hyper-religious, women under the age of consent, gold-diggers and convicts. I personally steer away from bad teeth, a wooden disposition, a cranky temper, and women with kids.

Yes, I know, that pretty much covers the bases. Ha! If I had been more particular as a young man... things would probably be the same.

Good luck, man, and keep us posted on the hunt.

TommyBoy said...
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el chupacabra said...

Ha TommyBoy- thanks for the laff, inspiration and encouragement.

TommyBoy said...
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TommyBoy said...

Dang! Sorry I messed up your blog but I said my piece wrong (again!) -- There is a severe shortage... who are capable of...

In boot camp, as recruit company commander, I had my guys marching off to all compass points and I finally had to yell out, "Stop! You know what I meant! Now get lined up again!" I was replaced rather quickly.

el chupacabra said...

TommyBoy- Ha, I knew what u meant so it is OK you ruined the internet.