Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

Bear cub in front of cabin in Big Bend

Every day we saw things that just didn't look real

One of only 1200 wild Bighorn sheep in Texas

  • It is 0246 on 08/24/2013 and I just awoke from a dream set at the stadium in Decatur which happens about once or twice a year. 
  •  The Black Keys song Lonely Boy started playing in a loop in my brain as soon as I awoke. 
  • One of my prostitute patients is crushin' on me a little. Even the other staff has noticed it. I am not sure what to make of one person's statement to me regarding her: Kevin, she is really nice and soooo pretty! Supposedly because of my encouragement she is going legit', has finished nurse aide classes and is getting ready to start nursing school. Great, another life I've ruined. 
  • Yesterday at work I had the most inappropriate conversation with a coworker I could imagine. If you were to write a workplace comedy about some random inappropriate conversation taking on a life of it's own and leading to something crazy you could not top the real one I had between those cubicles. I almost cannot believe it happened.
These bullet dots just kinda do what they want sometimes don't they?

  •  When I heard somebody on the radio say ESPN pays the NFL a billion dollars a year to broadcast their football games I thought it was an overstatement to make a point like saying a gazillion or eleventy billion but I just read it is actually 1.1 billion. That is incomprehensible to me- literally, I cannot comprehend that. 


Cattastroficka said...

Try that on for size, Mr. Uncomprehender..... ;)

The Donald said...

I'm thinking that, at out to maybe 325 yards, with a 12x scope atop a .270 Win, there could be 1199 Bighorn sheep in Texas, and a fiesta grande of chalupas de cordero, con cervezas, no?

Just sayin'...