Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

I'm still looking for a truck or a suburban. This gem showed up somehow in a search.

  • The so called Obamacare laws will be a huge factor in the equation of the formula that demonstrates the end of this country.
  • It is literally impossible that it could save us any money.
  • Detroit was for a long time a liberal politician/sociologist's wet dream.There has been one Republican mayor and I think only one city councilman in 50 years- is that why we didn't hear about what a failure it is until it looked like an apocalyptic wasteland?
  • This morning (08/18/2013) I stumbled across a  slideshow of last meals of guys before they were killed by the government in prison. My first thought was, This sounds like a Southern white trash and poor black people's  wish list of dream foods. My second was, Oh wait, that's because that's what it is.
  • I almost always type out what as waht on the first try.
  • We camped Friday night. Zac took the North Face Mica tent, Chloe took the cot and FG and I took hammocks. Well, we started in the hammocks and gravitated to the car before the sun came up. Her neck was bothering her and my back was killing me after a few hours in those death traps.
  • Last night I realized as I walked into Wal Mart every stitch of clothing I wore was purchased there over a period of years and in fact the underwear I wore that day were purchased there 10 or more years ago. I don't know if that place is good or evil- I only know for a fact they handed every other retailer there rear ends with their business model.
  • While waiting for the cashier I saw a magazine cover with a picture of the new baby of those royal people from England. Welcome to the world you lucky little #@$%$. You little genetic lottery winner. Welcome to the world. Were my fist thoughts.


RPM said...

My underwear is the only thing I'm wearing that came from Walmart. Everything else came from Macy's . If you shop their closeouts and add in an extra % off sale plus an extra % off for using a Macy's card you will wind up with better quality clothes at prices well below Walmart.

My little sister made me a believer.

Katy Anders said...

The other day, I heard somebody from HHS on the radio explaining the health care law.

Or, rather, trying to.

The problem was that they didn't have an answer to when and how a person who is poor enough to be "reimbursed" by the government for some or all of the insurance they buy is going to be reimbursed.

The (liberal) host started asking, "So, if I have to buy $900/mo. health insurance but I qualify to have the government reimburse $850 of that, do I still have to come up with the money up front?"

There was no readily apparent answer.

This could get ugly really quick...

The Donald said...

My underwears are from Wal-Mart, too, though I'm pretty sure none have reached the decade mark.

And while I worked as a seasonal employee at Sanger-Harris (Fall '80, cash office - vividly remember driving home Dec. 8 wondering why they'd just played three J Lennon songs in a row), I don't think I've ever shopped in Macy's.

This past weekend, Daughter and I, amongst our errands, visited two Goodwills - I purchased three new or nearly new dress shirts (Jos A Bank, Old Navy, Van Halen, er, Huesen and three ties (one with its original upper-end clothier store tag of $80) possibly never worn - six pieces for the princely sum of $17.34. Then, I noticed a pair of almost new (not a scuff on the uppers) dress loafers for $7.99 - just my size. As they were Italian, I remarked to Daughter, "These were probably $150-200 new."

Later, I checked the brand and style online - Nordstrom's carries $560 the pair.

They're quite comfortable.

el chupacabra said...

R- You had mentioned Macy's before and in fact I knew somebody who was a buyer for them but it still never crosses my mind- it is always sale items from Kohls or Wally World for every day stuff. Wally World quality and selection is way better than it used to be.

Dear Kate- The simple answer is somebody has to pay, nothing is free- it will be the younger producers that are carrying enough of the load. Another component is fraud waste and abuse: all are rampant NOW- it simply can't get better.

Hey Don- I make a pass through GWs clothes as a go look for books. The clothes inevitably come in batches and will exhibit similar quality and brands- if I see something that is nice, fits and is a good brand chances are there is an armload there to make off with. Personal best is 2 Northface jackets list 90.00 paid 4 bucks and a leather bomber list 380.00 paid 4 bucks.