Thursday, August 29, 2013


Somebody let the troll out from under the bridge. No, really I'm not being mean- her bit is to hang out at the bridge at Scarborough Faire by the bridge as a troll.

Civil War era metal boat.





  • FG's cat has destroyed 5 of her power cords to her Smart Phone or about 125.00 dollars worth. I suggested she beat him with one of them to break him of the habit but was overruled.
  • Three or four patients have asked me out directly and I don't know how many have hinted at getting together.
  • Nope, never not one- I am an oak.
  • I've mentioned the above before but another nurse recently commented on a homosexual patient looking at me like he was going to dunk me in his coffee and eat me up and it reminded me of other, more flattering encounters.
  • If you like survival type shows check out Out Of The Wild The Alaska Experiment and any Ray Mears show.
  • It seems most people will prefer a house with a fireplace as opposed to one without when they are looking a for a new home- a fireplace they will probably never use.
  • Management where I work is really, really good at choosing quality new people to hire. Inevitably their choices when I meet new employees would have been mine. Interestingly, one person they hired has worked out great and I would not have given her a chance. Our environment is also more/less rigged for success but they still do very well with how they screen potential new hires.
  • An interesting associated thought: I occasionally meet potential hires during or just prior to their interview process. Those that I have an immediate bad first impression are always shot down quick when they go further up the food chain.
  • Another: I'm impressed with the number of job seeking adults who have not learned: Be polite, likable and good humored to the first and last person and the bottom to the highest ranked employee when you are at a potential new job site. You never know who really pulls the strings or at least has a say in how those strings are pulled. Also, if you're nice to everybody and can make them smile as soon as you walk in- you yourself will look like you fit to the potential new boss making it harder for them to tell you no.
  • The news is now the Syrians have used chemical/biological weapons on their own people and all the headlines are aflutter that there is video evidence. I watched the videos linked as proof of those weapons use. I saw nothing convincing. Just because people died relatively intact appearing doesn't mean they were intentionally poisoned- bombs rob the surrounding air of oxygen so rapidly those close to the blast can die nearly instantly. Bunkers can be stripped of oxygen as nearby fires draw it off for fuel. Synthetics that are burned convert to literal poisons. The concussive force of explosions can destroy lungs and leave the outer body unscathed... We are bound and determined to get involved militarily there and maybe we should (not really- I'm playing devil's advocate) but our involvement should not be based on a lie(s)
  • Oscar Buddy Woods- Lone Wolf Blues

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RPM said...

...but our involvement should not be based on a lie(s).

Completely agree with that statement. Unfortunately, our track record for the last 50 years ain't great. Why do WE have to be the ones to punish Syria? Isn't this exactly what the UN is for?