Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday's Missives

My favorite boyhood cartoon- The Mighty Heroes. The cast included, Strong man, Diaper Man, Tornado Man, Rope Man and Cuckoo Man.

  • The last text message I received: I just wanted to say I miss you. I got used to having you around and it's not the same.
  • I've applied for a new job. In some ways like a lot of people I'd rather take the beating I know than jump through the hoops to get a new job, but when I decide I have to do something new I generally rise to the occasion and enjoy the challenge of getting my resume updated, my suit ready and doing interviews etc. The interview was rather intense- I think it would whither a lot of people. There was an interviewer to my left, one to my front and one to my right. Yes, three people asking prepared questions from three pages of typed notes. It lasted over an hour and I was exhausted when I walked out- spent.
  • A cheeseburger and fries sounds good for breakfast this morning.
  • Although many people have done it I don't see how anyone ever learns Vietnamese as a second language. I tried to learn simple instructions to explain to patients how to do an eye test while I was at the public health department- very frustrating.
  • In Spanish though, I could muddle my way through an entire entire intake and if the conversation was simple enough even fake a phone interaction with a patient.
  • Finally saw the pics taken in Afghanistan by the US soldiers who murdered civilians and staged scenes to justify the killings- awful. No one at any point thought and then said, If we do this, how many Americans will be killed in reprisal? How much more difficult will we make the mission for other soldiers? And finally, There's not even a chance we'll get away with this, how about we stop even thinking it- time now?


Katy Anders said...

Vietnamese would be tough.

With Spanish, I can interact with customers and clients the way they interact in "Star Wars": I speak my language and they reply in their language and we both can understand enough that we muddle through.

I did that with Portuguese one time, too, presumably because Portuguese is basically medieval Spanish. Or maybe because I was Portuguese in a past life.

RPM said...

I used to love Mighty Heroes. Also liked Super Chicken and Tom Slick. I've named more than one vehicle "Thunderbolt Grease Slapper".

Oddly all these cartoons only ran for one season in 1967. Thank God for reruns!