Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday's Missives

V8 juice another one of those products that I see it in the store and I just say, Man, that sounds sooooooo good right now. I buy a six-pack or 8 pack or however they come, then I'll drink those like they are about to be banned. Then a year or two later the process repeats. Interestingly enough- I've never drunk a Bloody Mary in my entire life.

  • So I bump into this kid who is the son of an old long ago long deceased friend. Later I saw him again and he mentions that his mom had asked about me which made me look her up online- as we all are wont to do. No, here is actually where it gets weird. I put her name in with my friends last name-even though they were never- as far as I know actually married. I do know she carried his name. None of the results that I found matched her. The weird thing is though, when I tapped image search all of the people pictured bore at least a passing and in one or two cases- a striking resemblance to her.
  • The internets is the devil.
    The weirdest/grossest thing is that the No Personal Food sign in big block letters is absolutely necessary. Gag.
  • Baker's ribs is off probation. I've been back two or three times now and it's back to being pretty good.
  • Weird thing about that place though- they give you barbecue sauce with your baked potato.
  • Recently somebody I know counseled me to try pot for my chronic pain issues. My mind was actually blown when I found out that they themselves partake.
  • I stay in enough trouble on my own without any help from you. Thank you very much.
  • There is no way that mosquitoes will not be an absolute plague in Houston in the spring of 2018.


The Donald said...

The V-8 juice is da bomb. From time to time, I used to find it for cheapz at Sam's Club and would buy a case. I would also make my red beers with it - It's beer that's healthy for you! I have rarely made myself a Bloody Mary, but my buddy's father-in-law used to make a killer version with Clamato juice and a judicious hint of horseradish.

If I worked where you do, you just know I'd be putting a magnetic sign on the fridge: "Uh, That's NOT Beer!"

As a non-partaker of the crazy weed, I nonetheless sometimes will make a Mary Jane joke. I was myself recently surprised when I made a 420 reference to a group who were 10-20 years older than me...and they got it.

Yeah, those 'skeeters are gonna be huge, too. I wonder if you're shooting them over a wetland - do you have to use steel shot?

el chupacabra said...

Hey Don. I'd forgotten I've actually drunk red beer befor. For that matter I have drunk it made with spicy V-8. Very good for something different. I wouldn't want to drink it everyday but yeah- good for something different. If it was ice cold on a hot day it could be really refreshing.

We put water bottles in the same fridge to help stabilize the temperature. This works to prevent temperature variations when frequently opening/closing the door or very short outages Etc. Yep we had to put a note in there, Do not drink the water...

el chupacabra said...

PS you might try bismuth...

el chupacabra said...
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