Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday's Digressions

  • A bad person recently made a joke about Trump's youngest son being, "The world first home school shooter." For a joke to be effective it has to make some sense and ideally should not be too cruel and definitely not directed toward a 10 year old boy. The deal is this- that person had been sitting on that joke a while and it just had to burst out. They could not help themselves. He or she also presumed everybody in the world hated Trump so bad- that their hate would also extend to a 10 year old kid.
  • Bonus related thought: I could not tell you the jokesters name nor position in this world if my life depended on it but not only would they be a household name if the joke was directed towards President Obama's child; they would be unemployed and their home burned down by now. For that matter they probably would have already been driven to kill themselves. Be honest- you know it is true.
  • It is time for me to start looking for a new job.
  • We stopped at Goodwill near TCU yesterday (today is 02/13/2017) in the hopes of finding some sweet books as it so close to the university. I struck out hard. There was literally nothing there worth taking home. That was very surprising and disappointing.
  • I bet Leonardo DiCaprio is a heck of a good guy.
  • Over the weekend I had a very realistic (and lame) dream about being in the war in Iraq. After jumping up and down to check my gear for rattles I heard something rattling on my oddly old school load bearing equipment and looking down saw a bottle of allergy medicine rubber banded to one of the suspenders. As I fiddled with it to take it off, the dry rotted rubber band broke causing me to feel real upset. Then somebody called to load up in the trucks so I trundled off toward them so upset at the broken rubber band I wanted to cry.
  • That was it- I warned you it was lame.
  • In my life women have always helped and hurt me out of bounds to what they should have been able to do either.
  • Does anybody eat French dressing anymore?
  • Lets Go!


TommyBoy said...

Good luck on the job hunt. I've always heard it is oh so easy to find employment as a nurse

Sweet books? Try the used bookstore on the square in Denton. If you can't find something there, you're not really trying.

I'll bet ol' Leo is a nice guy too. You can afford to be nice when you've got sooo much money.

I never have war dreams. Instead, I Dream of Wires --

"In my life women have always helped and hurt me out of bounds to what they should have been able to do either." Uh, yep, about sums it up.

el chupacabra said...

Yeah love Recycled Books in Denton. Last time I went a clerk told me they had over a million books there. We just happened by GW on way to eat that day.

The Donald said...

Somehow, I managed to watch that whole video (OK I fast-forwarded some). That dude probably got a good upper body workout, but, man, he is gonna need a chiro for his neck.