Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday's Missives

  • War Is Boring has a pretty interesting story here about the efforts to arm American helicopters during the Vietnam war. An old platoon sergeant told me about some ad hoc weaponizations his unit made while he was there. I know at one point he was with 173rd Airborne but he did 2-3 tours with different units so I don't know who he was with at the time of the weapons experiments. He told us (among other efforts) about hanging a .50 cal. off of a UHI. He said it would knock the radios out and the vibration would break radio mounts loose- as in physically crack the bulkhead behind the mounts. The rate of fire was too slow and recoil too violent to get rounds on target. There was also an issue I do not recall with the pilots- did the vibration blur their vision or give them headaches...? The funniest thing was that in spite of how worthless the exercise was- you could tell he totally thought it was cool.
  • On Tarawa during WWII US Marines only captured 7 Japanese troops.
  • The number of vehicles parked at the sex shop that is on my way home over the past few weeks has blown up from just a few to often as many as 20. Do whatever you want dudes-  I mean literally- it is your business but random dudes having random sex with random dudes will always be incredibly dangerous.
  • Funny though are are the vehicles parked at the corner of the strip club lot adjacent to the sex shop or the ones who park on the side of the access road down from the shop and pop their hoods like the car is broke down. Yeah- you got everybody fooled buddy!
  • Pop came out poop up there first.
  • Today (12/27/2016) I really really did not want to go back to work.
  • Interesting war pron featuring Pesh and Iraqi forces taking on multiple suicide vehicle borne IEDs- or SVBIEDs

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