Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Words Of Wisdom From el chupacabra #786

Ladies: if a guy talks incessantly about a woman at work and hardly mentions any others you should pay attention; he may be up to no good but most likely she is just a buddy and he freely talks about her because he has nothing to feel  guilty about.
Gentlemen: if the woman your in love of drones on about multiple people at work as you dutifully and patiently listen and then out of the blue you discover there is a dude she works with she has never mentioned be advised- said dude is drilling her brains out in the parking garage.
The preceding is literal gold that you can take to the bank.

1 comment:

The Donald said...

But Crazy Larry, he jes laugh and laugh, cause he know they ain't no parking garage at the IHOP where his ol' lady work.

So, are there at least 785 other advising Chupacabras out there, or is this the 786th nugget o' knowledge from a sole practitioning Chupacabra?

Antecedents are critical, you know, but they can be treated.