Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday's Missives

For some reason I took a picture of a red Sharpie and various pens, pencils and hi lighters on my desk. How very odd of me.
  • A couple of days ago  (today is 10/14/2015) I realized without some extra income I could soon be in a big bind. I am poor white trash as are most people I know- where to turn? It was easy for me- I signed up for extra shifts at work. I didn't want to as I already dread how tired I'll be and begrudge the various fun activities I may miss during those shifts but what stood out to me was the fact I could with a little initiative bring quite a bit of extra income into my miserable, pathetic life. How many people could not even imagine that - at all? If a person who has no specialized skills or isn't healthy enough to work extra or if a person who is already working 12-14 hours a day has a financial crisis where would they turn or what would they do?
  • There are so many snails in my aquarium one large one just cruised by with a baby snail riding on it's shell.
  • What is the sketchiest, most basic, most white trashiest thing I've done recently you ask? Well, while dropping some books off at the library drop box I realized 3 things: I needed to clarify custodial arrangements of my children with my ex wife. Number two: I had a tablet with me. Number three: The library has Wi Fi and finally I still do not own a cel phone. OK- that is four things you nitpicker but you get the idea.  So yeah, I sat in the truck while mooching some some sweet, free Wi Fi and sent an EMail.
  • If you were my real friend instead of my Internet friend I picture you shaking your head at me saying, That is pretty sketchy Kev.- pretty sketchy.

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