Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

Get it?

  • As of this writing (today is 01/07/2016) there is a standoff in progress in Oregon where a bunch of white militia types have taken over the headquarters to a national wildlife refuge. If the militia guys were browner and more Muslimie-er that building would have been a smoking ruin long ago and to identify the perpetrators the authorities would be sifting through the aforementioned ruin and dental records .
  • If Bill Cosby were white he would have been under a jail long ago and penniless from civil lawsuits.
  • There is a video of a South Carolina police officer killing a person by shooting him in the back as he briskly fled on foot at a high rate of speed ambled half heartedly away from the officer. There isn't a chance the cop would have done that were the runner not black.
  • Were Mexico the consumer and America the producer of recreational drugs and this reversal caused the same problems of murder and instability for the US as our insatiable lust for drugs has caused Mexico we would have flattened parts of that country long ago and The US Army's First Cavalry Division, Fourth Infantry Division and a Marine Expeditionary Force would be occupation forces.
  • The preceding are what are called natural facts in that we can only disagree on the how and whys and what to do with the information, not the well- natural fact that they are true.
  • On a more positive note- I just ate a jalapeno cheeseburger and fries for breakfast and drank a Dr. Pepper. The rest of the day may be all downhill but it started out deliciously.
  • When I was young it was nearly impossible  to get a loan on a vehicle with 100,000+ miles as everybody including loan officers knew a vehicle with that many miles was done. With the present condition of my truck, the relatively good care it has received and relatively low amount of abuse I heap on it there is no reason to think it won't go 200,000+ miles with only a little more than normal maintenance costs.
  • They don't make 'em like they used to!
  • Thank God.
  • This morning while getting ready for the daily grind I finished watching The Amazing Spiderman 2. Verdict: very good- the best one yet.
  • When if Stan Lee dies what will they do for his cameos? Will it be CGI, stock footage or will they work a visit into a wax museum into the story and have a likeness of him there?
  • At work to supposedly make the workload more balanced they put out what is laughingly termed a Call Rotation to issue to the clerks to route calls to the nursing staff. It is a list of nurses names and extensions that starts with me and the same list was issued to every employee.
  • 1 million- the number of calls I now receive in a week.
  • The other nurses are lovin' it though (I hope).

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The Donald said...

OK, CK, tap the brakes on the first item being a natural fact. If they were browner or Islam-ier, the POTUS would have an emissary on the scene, and Al, Jesse, or Farrakhan (maybe all) would be there with some notable Hollywood 'celebs' in solidarity with their cause. By way of evidence, I present the many situations in just the past year where the instigators have been browner, have not only taken over a facility or neighborhood, but have done so with massive violence, looting, and vandalism, and law enforcement has been ordered to stand down. Also, turning the DeLorean back to the early 1990s, one notes that the inhabitants at Mt. Carmel were not particularly dark-skinned, at least not beforehand.

Ammon Bundy may have some legit gripes with the BLM, as I noted in my own recent blogpost, but he is an opportunistic schmuck for getting involved in the Hammond's Oregon affair, attracting other, even less principled opportunists and wannabes (some of whom are apparently [a href=""]valor posers[/a]). Even though the area ranchers may be sympathetic to the cause, they don't want Bundy there where he doesn't belong, or the negative attention he's attracted.

But, to date, this protest has only resulted in destruction of less than half a football field of barbed wire fence, easily replaced with materials from Simms Lumber for under $500, far less than one burned out police cruiser, storefront, or even the price of a looted big-screen TV. Nonetheless, Bundy and his ilk should vacate immediately, and be held accountable for the cost of the property destruction, as well as the costs of added law enforcement caused by this charade, an accountability likely never brought to bear against the organizers of Ferguson, Baltimore, et al protests.

Jalape├▒o cheeburgers the best - that's a natural fact, Jack!