Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday's Dispatch

Great idea! Because yeah- I do not know about you but I do love a 2 ounce, frozen, metallic and pointed projectile smashing against my teeth when I sip a nice whiskey...

  • For somebody who's does not drive for a living- I seem drive a lot of miles every year.
  • Camaro or Mustang? Which model of that choice? 
  • A war story: want to know the best thing about Iraq? BLTs baby. I made BLTs there that were epic. I'm talking about half pound of bacon, 2 kinds of cheese, great tomatoes and sliced onion. For days on end I would eat them twice a day- once at mid rats and again at breakfast.
  • Dang- those things made it all worth it.
  • I have already started dreading  our work Xmas party.
  • Kill me.
  • This song has been a favorite for over twice as long as I am old. Does she that make sense? 
  • Also a bummer thought- there is no way I can double my age again and see if it is still a favorite. 
  • I'll be long dead by then.

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