Thursday, August 10, 2017

Draft Clean Up Dregs- From 2009!

  • I don't understand some peoples hatred of Criss Angel. His stunts are pretty cool and require a good deal of talent to dream up and apply effectively. A lot of them are pretty original and a little spooky at first glance such as the lady pulled in half trick- worth a view if you haven't seen it before.

  • Thinking about just leaving the tent up and if it lasts a couple of months- great. Zac and I spent the night out again last night. It was great, just slightly cool-ish. He was starving and thirsty when we came in the house!

  • Wilderness adventures take a lot out of a man I suppose.

  • Last house is going up in the neighborhood. I hope the new neighbors are decent- the others are great.

  • They've made a new Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Good grief- give it a rest.

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The Donald said...

The other night, Rules of Engagement had the episode with Angel guesting, doing the thread out of the eye trick for Russell Dunbar (David Spade).