Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday's Digressions

  • It is 0735 on 02/02/2017 and a hiccup just caused me to partially inhale a toothpick. Whoa that was scary. That would have been a stupid way to die.
  • And yes- honestly, it was mildly terrifying when that happened.
  • Man- what a stupid way to die that would have been.
  • Gotta love that lifesaving cough reflex though- amiright?!
  • Soap is getting better. I think I am on episode 42
  • This past weekend I accidentally picked up book #12 instead of 11 of The Walking Dead. It was always pretty good so I am not making a dig by saying- it didn't get really good until about book #10.
  • This morning (02/06/2017) I had a dream a girlfriend had a baby. We were walking around in Diamond supermarket in Decatur. At one point I said, Here, let me hold her. She was warm and soft and cooed like a dove. It felt good.
  • My scrubs stay in the closet by the front door. I walk around in my chonies (or nekkid) until time for work then I slip the scrubs on when I am on my way out the door. It is one of those things- I cannot tell you why I do it but it makes sense and I am very unlikely to change.
  • Recently I learned an old Army buddy died several years ago. The last thing he ever said to me was something like, Well, so long. I'm sure we'll see each other around sometime, somewhere. but we did not see each other around some time. I have an outline written to tell some of our stories. You will not believe me when you read them though.
  • Interestingly- I never saw him again after we parted ways at Fort Hood but I met his parents and was a guest in their home.
  • This morning (02/08/2017) as I walked down to my truck I started singing Way Down We Go by Kaleo. When I got in and turned on my sweet, sweet Alpine stereo that song started playing on 97.1.

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